The Gratitude Series

2016 :: A Year in Review

It is not, it appears, the fashionable thing to admit that 2016 has been a rather good year for "one". But disastrous referendums and potential WWIII aside, it was a year of much joy for me personally, and one that I will no doubt look back on fondly. 2016 was the year in which I … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

This Week I am Grateful For #9

Some weeks gratitude is a little bit harder to come by than others. There appears to be no reason for me to feel like this at the moment...and yet.... I'm really pleased to say I've been offered a permanent contract at work, which really is wonderful, and is also something I know I am very grateful … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

This Week I am Grateful For #8

Well my Gratitude Series has undoubtedly proven itself to be a huge success, with a grand total of 7 posts so far. Still, I remain determined to continue on, despite the growing sensation that no one actually remotely cares. Never stopped me before! This week has verged slightly on the 'Oh my god, HOW is … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

This Week I am Grateful For #7 - My Husband

I recently realised my Gratitude series has been left fallow for far too long, and thought it was high time to reinstate it. At the risk of totally embarrassing Mr Hello, (who is incidentally a rather private person), this week I am getting all emotional and publicly stating how chuffing grateful I am for him. … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

Dryathlon 2016 - 1 Woman, 30 Days, 0 Drinks

Yes, it's true pals, I'm doing it. During what was a rather spectacular festive blow-out, I seemed to see adverts for the 2016 Dryathlon everywhere. It was the universe making itself known to me - it was time to get my social drinking in hand, hopefully shed some kgs and do a good deed in the … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

Chrimbo At Home - 2015

I singularly failed to take any photos of our family Christmas celebration this year, which happened on December 19th. As penance, I offer you a picture of my front door, which I think looks rather festive, if I do say so myself. In my post about Christmas rituals, I may have mentioned that I love this time of year. … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

Wedding Roundup - Party Time!

Once we arrived at Sun Pier House, it was straight into our 'cocktail hour'. I use the term 'cocktail' incredibly loosely, in fact I shouldn't really use it at all, because no cocktails were in fact, served. There was an abundance of champagne, wine and beer, which I expect more than made up for it. Full … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

The Honeymoon: Warsaw #2

Grab a hot beverage, sit back and hope for the best of your bandwidth. I’ve got a cracking photo-heavy post for you today! Ladies and gents, I present the final round-up of our Warsaw Honeymoon. I hope that these photos give you some indication of the weather we experienced. Barely a cloud in the sky, the … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

The Honeymoon: The Apartment & Our First Meal

I wanted to write down my memories of the last ten days as soon as possible after returning, to share here on the blog. When I first started travelling I was a dedicated journal keeper, which means I have some great memories squirrelled away in my book cases! Many of them I have forgotten, so … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

(Don't) Get a Life

Today I found myself hanging out some washing, and doing a tiny happy dance that a stain had come out of my Orla Kiely linen. I mean, it is Orla Kiely and it cost me a pretty penny, but come on girl. It violates my street cred to get excited about stain removal. What followed was an … Continue reading The Gratitude Series

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