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Stories from The Odyssey

The Odyssey - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Back in the day I was a total charity shop/vintage lover bandit. I adored a good old rummage through the myriad shops in Rochester and had some fantastic vintage hauls indeed. 

My tastes have changed somewhat in the intervening years, and to be perfectly honest I got a little tired of seeing the same-old-same-old. As soon as my purse allowed, I stopped shopping there quite so much, moving much more to online shopping. 

I was recently reminded of the joys of ‘thrifting’, when last week I was compelled to visit our local Oxfam after lunch with Mr H. I stumbled across this lovely version of classic Greek myth The Odyssey. I happen to be teaching it to my class at the moment, but there is also something I’ve found personally quite fascinating about Greek Mythology, so I snapped up this lovely copy, for a mere £2.49. 

It’s now sitting on my bedside table, waiting for me to jump aboard and join in with its adventures. Roll on these Autumn evenings and early nights I say!

The Hendersons Will All Be There

Last weekend I had the pleasure of singing an old favourite Beatles tune for about 30 minutes after visiting the newest addition to Rochester High Street. Reader, I give you:

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 1

Situated in the wonkiest shop in Rochester, possibly the world, The Hendersons is a treasure trove for vintage lovers and discerning shoppers alike. I know the shop well, by which I mean I know the physical shop, as I used to live in the tiny flat below!

I had heard rumblings of the shop opening as The Hendersons have held a stall for months at the Rochester Flea. Mr H and I are known for a deep and enduring love of a good rifle about for treasures, but we’re so overwhelmed with charity shops in Rochester that a bit of careful curation makes a real difference to my mental state, and therefore my likelihood to have a proper look around.

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 4


See? Happy as Larry.Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 5

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 6

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 7


Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 4

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 3

There was a rather fabulous orange sectional sofa in the store that looked decidedly 70’s, but I didn’t manage to get a picture, because there was someone purchasing it!

The reasons that I am chuffed to bits about The Hendersons opening in Rochester are thus:

  • Small entrepreneurship (especially where women are employed in key roles) is ace
  • The Hendersons is run by a young couple – see, the youth of today aren’t too bad after all!
  • That shop gets so much attention because of it’s unusual shape, that there should be something in there to benefit from it all!
  • Their stock and styling is so deliciously on point that it makes me feel excited for Rochester. The more design-y and bespoke that Rochester gets, the better, in my book.
  • Stores like this breed other stores like this, which makes people like me want to stay in Kent. We don’t need to go to London to get fabulous homewares, or to find that perfect gift for that friend that likes things just so.
  • I bought a candle from there that smells good and though it cost a lot more than I would usually spend on a candle I didn’t feel remotely guilty because I am supporting a small business. Altruism for the win! (not sure it actually counts as altruism but I don’t care)

Mr H and I had a good all poke about, we got lovely attentive (but not too attentive) service and afterwards we got a delicious piece of cake from Bruno’s French Bakes to celebrate.

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha - The Hendersons 2

All in all, not a bad Saturday indeed.

La Société Vintage a Rochester

 The Rochester Vintage Society and Demelza present:

An Evening Soiree
 If your idea of a good night out includes vintage fashion at bargain prices, come on down on Saturday 24th March from 8 – 11pm to learn how to perfect your pin curls, twirl your moustache and how to strut your stuff in an oh-so-ladylike fashion. Vintage poetry readings and burlesque to delight and titillate. £5 entry on the door includes delicious treats, a glass of something bubbly and membership to the best Society in town! Dress in your 1920’s-1950’s best or be challenged to a duel! Places limited so RSVP requested at  rochestervintagesociety@gmail.com