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On Adventures…

28 days until I leave my home for I don’t know how long.

It feels super weird to be finally going, and it’s not until now, when I have limited time left in this town, this city, this continent, that I feel like grabbing every opportunity that was given to me.

New friends. Old friends. They’ve all been there this whole time and I’ve disregarded them until now, when I can’t really have them any more.

OOer I am a fickle mistress. Always wanting what I can’t be having. No preciousses for moi.

I am bloody excited though!!

Gelato in Venezia

mmmm. icecream.

This makes me think of Venice. I am going to go there sometime in the next year with the boy and feckin ingest some gelato, dammit. And we’re going to make memories and no matter what happens between us we’ll always have the memory of standing somewhere in Venice eating an ice cream and in all probability having it drip down my face and onto my top. Which will be white and the ice cream will be chocolate so somehow it seems as though I have miraculously shat on my breast.


(this may or may not have happened before)

Copenhagen Cycle Chic

What is it about this image that makes me love it so much? I came across the picture while exploring the blog Copenhagen Cycle Chic on a recommendation from a friend. Click the image to check it out for yourselves.

I think the main part I love has to be the turban, followed by what I hope is a red lipstick (can’t really see but I’ve decided it is anyway). After that it is the stern gaze. This woman is looking for YOU. Y’all better come here right NOW.

Ah yes, I see she is also employing the age-old hovering in one spot without my bikestand on move. She is a far more skilled bicycle technician than I had previously anticipated.

It’s also a typical early Spring day in Europe. Which fills me with intense longing and excitement because it’s not too long now until I”ll be there myself. I promise to reenact this photo.