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I Took a Break…

I did. The last fortnight has been wonderful and hard, and challenging far beyond what I had expected. In short, our plans for Wales fell through. I guess we were just too remote and hadn’t planned enough in advance. It was a tough decision to move on, but thats what we decided was best.

We’re now staying with the BF’s sister in Kent, until we find a place of our own. She’s being wonderful and lovely and unbelievably generous. I like being here, but I miss all of the things I had, and gave up, back in Perth. I had a job that paid well, a house I was both affectionate of (is that even correct grammar?) and familiar with, and a student priced Smartrider. Cheap as.

As it gets colder, I realise more how truly far away I am. I want to go home, but more than that I wish I had been outrageously successful here. I wish I had found it easier, so that I would have been more sure that I was meant to be in Europe.

I’m feeling pretty low, but I’ve literally brought this on myself (and the BF) and I want to see how we pull through. We’ve just got to.

Making Plans…

The BF and have decided to move to a small town in Wales. It’s so unbelievably picturesque around here, and in that regard the decision was easy. But there have been other things that have made this decision a difficult one.

We’ve both lived in cities for a long time. I’ve gotten used to just hopping on a bus and going wherever I want. Getting whatever I want easily. It’s not like that here. There aren’t cool vintage shops, or swing dancing classes or even cinemas close. That troubled me.



We went for a walk just before sunset last night, and we came to a conclusion that was basically “fuck it”. We’ve got two, glorious, responsibility free years here, and we’re going to live wherever we want. If nothing happens here, we’ll make it happen. It was a very liberating thought. So, drumroll, if you will…..we’ve decided to cross this:

with this:

and creating a Spring Outdoor Film Festival! We want to keep it pretty small to begin with, and we’re thinking about having it over a weekend, showing three films. I want to have it in a field, really casual, so people can bring a picnic and a blanket and just enjoy being outside.

I really want to feel part of a community, and I think that if we make things happen – we’ll get there.

We’re both going to use our arts know-how and harass the general population into action. They’ll come and they’ll damn well enjoy it!

Flickr images from wexnercenter and akademy’s photostream respectively.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

I’ve met some wonderful people here. It’s amazing how a day can seem a week and a week can seem a lifetime. In such a short space of time, I have more wonderful friends than ever before. AND I have a room in Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid and London. Not to mention the occasional yurt in Llanidloes.

It’s such a struggle to say goodbye, though. It almost feels timeless here in rural Wales, and having little connection to the whole crazy world, and our “real” lives away from here. When one of us leaves, it makes a hole. New people come, but it’s not the same. It will get better, as the new people become less new. Then the process starts all over again, until you’re the one that’s leaving, the one that’s leaving the hole.

I hope we stay in touch. But if not, we always have that wonderful week where we were anyone we wanted to be.

My Weekend Has Been Mainly Spent #2

  • Cycling into Llanidloes
  • Utterly regretting the decision to cycle
  • Cursing my borrowed bicycle with every ounce of my being
  • Giving up dairy
  • Taking up butter and cheese (but not milk)
  • Enjoying a coffee and sharing a slice of cake with The BF at the Great Oak Café
  • Discovering the Great Oak Bookstore
  • Watching Cranford
  • Taking a mammoth walk
  • Slipping down the hill and putting my hand in the only patch of nettles to be seen.
  • Bribing Matilda the calf with milk, so she’ll let me put her halter on
  • Getting repeated headbutted by a stubborn calf
  • Reading “The Pursuit of Laughter – Essays, Articles, Reviews and Diaries of the Most Controversial Mitford Sister” by Diana Mosley
  • Having a most delightful bath
  • Feeling happy when I see the clock and it’s only 8:55pm

What did you do?

My Weekend Has Been Mainly Spent #1

  • Discovering Edinburgh’s National Library
  • Discovering Scotland’s National Museum
  • Going on a tour at the Museum – realising I adore old gents who are enthusiastic about the Neolithic period.
  • Making and eating roast chicken and vegies
  • Making good use of my new Chanel compact!!!! Thanks to The BF for that one
  • Watching Gavin and Stacey
  • Wishing I could do a Welsh accent
  • Missing my family
  • Reading Architecture and Beauty books in Waterstone’s
  • Avoiding all the flyerers in Edinburgh
  • Thinking about working on the farm we’re going to in about a week
  • Wondering where we want to live after September
  • Kind of wanting a job
  • Knowing better than that.


Ah. Travel. I do love it, but I secretly despise it too. I have come to the realisation that I do actually love my home. It doesn’t really matter where that home is, as long as The BF and I are there. And I have sharp knives.

Why does no-one in England have sharp knives? It’s the bane of my existence. I massacre tomatoes to a bloody pulp. It’s shameful. I’m embarrassed. Poor tomatoes.

This trip has been good for my soul. It’s being good as we speak, and it’s being so very challenging as well. It’s making me step up to the plate, so to speak. I’ve got to organise things, I’ve got to keep myself off the streets, and worst of all, I’ve got to meet new people. URghlegurgle.

In theory I love meeting new people. I’m just not very good at it. The worst bit is, everyone thinks I am. Once I’ve had a couple of glasses of wine, it’s true, i can talk for hours non stop, even in the face of blatant opposition. But before then, I find it possibly the most stressful process ever. I’m obsessed with making it seem as though I find it easy. I much prefer the I-already-know-you-quite-well phase.

Ah. Yes. Travel does bring out the best and most interesting in people. For example, The BF has upped the ante sleep-talking wise. He spent about ten minutes rabbiting away last night about Oh Comely magazine. I’ve never heard about it, but he’s convinced it exists. He then ended his tirade with a glorious “You’ve missed out baby, BIG TIME!” and then snored his head off.

Loves it.


Where in the World Will You Live?

House prices are pretty much cheaper EVERYWHERE in the world that is not Perth, Western Australia. I do love Perth, but there is not a lot that is going to keep me here. Not in the next 5-10 years anyway.

So I was a bit pissy about living in the most expensive and equally most boring place in the world, but I soon had a revelation. There is no financial reason to live in Perth. There are a few emotional reasons (family) but even my friends are moving away! So The BF and I now have an excuse to live wherever we want to.

So we’re going to travel the world and live in the place we love best.

What about you?

There Were 17 in the Bed….

With only 20 DAYS TO GO until The BF and I up and leave for the UK, I have been trying desperately to downsize our amount of crap furniture. I had just recently discovered my new favourite thing www.gumtree.com, which is pretty much a poor man’s ebay. You post things for sale, or wanted, or for free. It’s free to post, but there is no protection whatsoever, so you’ve got to be on the proverbial ball.

Anyway, my sister left her grotty queen bed to us when she fled the state, and I sure as hell didn’t want it, so gumtree it was!

I posted it for $20 and no photos, and I got 55 hits! I couldn’t believe it! After being used to the 7 days of agony while you wait for an auction to end on ebay, I was practically off my face in enthusiasm for the 2 day turn around on the shittiest bed ever.

There was, however, a touch of drama when the buyer came to collect. Firstly, the emails I recieved weren’t what you’d call overly polite. This sent off a few alarm bells, but after a while I convinced myself it was just a language barrier. Sometimes when people don’t have fantastic English it can come across as being a mean bastard slightly grumpy. No matter!

So a car comes at the specified time to collect the bed, and about fifteen people pile out of a station wagon. That didn’t really bother me at first, but as they started to take the mattress to the car, I wondered how in God’s name they were going to get it home.  However, I had underestimated their inventiveness. Not only did they get the queen size mattress in , by cleverly folding it in half (?) but the 15 passengers also managed to get back in the car. Absolute mystery to me.

Then there was the issue of the mattress base. This was, by no means, going to fold in half and slot neatly into the boot, and we had no rope to secure it to the roof. No Problemo! They took off with the mattress and 10 minutes later were back with THE HUGEST 4WD UTE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! This time, it seemed as though the entire suburb of Osborne Park turned up for the parade, but in approximately negative 1 seconds, the base was on the roof, secured with rope and they were away laughing on a fast camel.

So there.