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A Walk by the Medway :: Visiting Temple Marsh

Temple Marsh 5 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Temple Marsh 4 - - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Last weekend I got a major case of cabin fever, and so Mr H proposed a little jaunt out of the house to visit a piece of land that had piqued his interest over the last few weeks.

Temple Marsh 3 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Temple Marsh is, funnily enough, an old landfill site, which is now safe to walk on but not yet ready to be built on. It’s directly over the River Medway from Rochester, and often on our walks we’ve noticed it and wondered what in the world it was. Temple Marsh Map - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

It was a bit of a soggy stomp to get there, and we had to be kindly redirected by an interesting chap who lived on one of the houseboats moored nearby.

Temple Marsh 2 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Temple Marsh 1 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Mr H at Temple Marsh - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

It was a really pretty walk, and we even got to meet a very neat little fox, who actually looked rather surprised to see a human in what I expect is their playground! We walked with no real plan in mind, just soaking up the atmosphere and the opportunity to be out in the fresh air before the heavens opened once again.

Anyone who lives in Kent will attest to the fact that the weather recently has been absolutely diabolical!

Sam at Temple Marsh 2 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Sam at Temple Marsh - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

I’ve pulled together a short film of the walk. Take a look:

I’m pretty new to vlogging and video editing, and this is the first time I’ve worked up the courage to post something I’ve pulled together. Lots to learn, but let’s not let the fear of looking a fool get in the way….never stopped me before!

Temple Marsh Flowers - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

As we began to make our way back we noticed the tiniest apple tree bursting with fruit!

Temple Marsh Berries - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The route back is not what I’d call particularly peaceful, as Temple Marsh more or less backs on to a somewhat grotty industrial estate, however, this little gem is also nearby:

Temple Manor 3 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Temple Manor is a 12th Century building that was once owned by the Knights Templar. The fact that I have 12th Century buildings virtually blows the mind of this here colonial, so Mr Hello and I simply had to pop in and have a look around.

Temple Manor 2 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

While the building is essentially empty now, once upon a time it was an important Manor House on the side of the River, supporting many farming tenants on its land and monitoring the comings and goings of the bridge crossings.

After WWII it fell into terrible disrepair, but was thankfully restored by English Heritage in the 1970s, I believe. It’s a real little treat amongst the fading industry of the area, and relatively under appreciated I think! There’s definitely something lonesome about it, rising up proudly from its now-modest surroundings.

Temple Manor 1 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Another interesting day out for the Hello Family. More to come soon!

The Seaplane Works :: Rochester

This weekend contained one of the best Saturdays I’ve had in a while. I achieved approximately nothing, but I got to hang out with my guy, pottered about and then even squeezed in a mid afternoon nap! The stuff of legends.

A particular high point was the half-hour or so that I spent sipping a rich hot chocolate in The Seaplane Works, the latest addition to Rochester’s burgeoning hipster coffee scene, courtesy of the renowned artist Billy Childish. It didn’t disappoint.

HSGS at The Seaplane Works 1 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

HSGS at The Seaplane Works 2 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

I think it’s testament to the quality of the hot chocolate that the only picture I have is of the bottom of the cup!

HSGS at The Seaplane Works 3 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The café has a small but perfectly formed menu, with a focus on no-grain whole foods. I haven’t actually eaten here yet, but a couple of my friends are positively evangelical about the salads.

They have a minimal online presence at the moment, but the Seaplane Works Facebook page states that they cater to paleo and vegan diets. I am neither, but still found a couple of items on the menu that piqued my interest, for sure.

HSGS at The Seaplane Works 4 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The hot chocolate itself was perfectly sweet without being sickly, had a creamy consistency and most importantly, was hot! I can’t stand it when hot chocolates are tepid, because you end up finished about 3 years before your partner. It’s a hard life.

HSGS at The Seaplane Works 5 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

While it was quiet when we first entered, the atmosphere soon picked up and before too long the place was happily bustling. The café itself has got a great modern London-ish feel to it, which I think is exactly what Rochester needs.

It could, in my humble opinion, do with a little more paraphernalia or artwork on the walls, but all in all, it’s a wonderful addition to our High Street and I urge you to go, forthwith!

My Weekend Has Been Spent #7

Fleabag Marlowe Theatre Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Sam at the Marlowe Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Saturday Morning Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Lunch with Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Sam at Lunch Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

  • Starting as I meant to go on, by attending a really wonderful production of Fleabag at the Marlowe Studio in Canterbury. A great show, and I’ll post a proper review soon!
  • Attempting to take a discreet selfie – proof that I really did go out on a Friday night! Yes, me! I went out!
  • Waking up Saturday morning to breakfast hand prepared and delivered by Mr Hello. He don’t half treat me well, don’t he!
  • Attacking the spare room. Still not complete, but at least now it’s tidy enough that I have evidence that there is a bed in there! We’re hoping to get the walls and ceiling replastered and painted soon, so it looks even more presentable before some guests descend for the wedding.
  • Heading into Rochester to pay the deposit for our wedding rings. We are getting them from Kaizen Antiques, a jeweller on the High St. Lovely shop, lovely service, terrrrrrible website.
  • Taking our luncheon at the institution of Pizza Express. We got a lovely private table and partook of some rather delicious food. Many despise any chain restaurants or stores on our historic High Street, and while I can see the point, it’s also hard to argue with something like Pizza Express, that has consistently good food and good hygiene standards, when other local businesses get very poor hygiene ratings indeed! Blergh.
  • Taking some more surreptitious selfies in PE. Proof I was out of the house!
  • Heading back home for an afternoon nap that turned into an early night.
  • Waking on Sunday morning bright and early – getting the ol’ body clock back into gear now that I have a new job! (PS I have a new job! Starting in April)
  • Improvising a breakfast pizza which was weird and delicious but being unable to share the ingredients with you because you will judge me – you definitely will.
  • Heading to the gym because I am sad and I have a dress to fit into, goddamn it.
  • Taking a turn about TK Maxx with the chap. Two new frying pans being the result.
  • Heading home and changing into my “no-one must see me in these” clothes in preparation for:
  • Deep cleaning the house from top to bottom. God this task is very dull but somehow immensely satisfying.
  • Cooking a roast that worked (yay) and Yorkshire puds for the first time that also worked (double yay)!
  • Sitting on my derriere for the rest of the evening, watching Call the Midwife & Poldark. Quite satisfactory indeed.
  • Grabbing my laptop to write this. I’m really keen to keep the blogging mojo a-flowing.

Next weekend my goals are to actually leave the house properly and possibly even talk to someone who is not a cat or my future husbo! Chance of success remains to be seen. Hope you had a fab weekend – I am terribly nosey so if you fancy chatting in the comments please do!

My Weekend Has Been Mainly Spent #1

  • Discovering Edinburgh’s National Library
  • Discovering Scotland’s National Museum
  • Going on a tour at the Museum – realising I adore old gents who are enthusiastic about the Neolithic period.
  • Making and eating roast chicken and vegies
  • Making good use of my new Chanel compact!!!! Thanks to The BF for that one
  • Watching Gavin and Stacey
  • Wishing I could do a Welsh accent
  • Missing my family
  • Reading Architecture and Beauty books in Waterstone’s
  • Avoiding all the flyerers in Edinburgh
  • Thinking about working on the farm we’re going to in about a week
  • Wondering where we want to live after September
  • Kind of wanting a job
  • Knowing better than that.