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January Joy :: Done and Dusted

January 2016 Instagram - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

This January has, far more than any since I moved to the UK in 2010, been about hunkering down and getting through. I’ve really suffered this year from the January blues, which I think is a combination of being halfway through my academic year, not exercising at all enough because of the pants weather, and oh yeah, the consistently pants weather.

Admittedly, however, it hasn’t been all bad. Here’s a minute collage of some of the nice bits of the first month of the year. Clockwise from top left:

  • An extreme buffet of cheese, crackers, veggie sticks, hummus and scotch eggs. A couple of episodes of Graham Norton with my husband and my Dad. Say no more, agreed?
  • Heading back to the allotment after a few weeks’ break. It’s grassy now, instead of muddy, but a lot better than we expected after such a mild winter. We feared our hard work in October might have been in vain. Once I’m on half term we’ll start terracing!
  • Achieving a goal: 30 days without a drink. As I said in my Dry January post, I don’t usually drink during the week, but when I found myself in social situations this month, it did take a bit more oomph to opt for a 0% lager instead of my usual glass o’ red.
  • ENGLAND vs AUSTRALIA. The Aussies won, by 15 goals (CCCCC’MOOOON!) and an English player was sent off! Never seen that before in a pro game. It was a messy game for both sides, but I really enjoyed introducing Mr Hello to my favourite sport.

I’ve got plenty of things to look forward to in February as well – a week’s holiday (which is 2 days in teacher-speak as I’ll spend most of it in my classroom!), a couple of friends going public with some GREAT NEWS, my first V-day as a married woman, which co-incides with 6 months of marital bliss!

So here’s to a great February. If you’ve had a kind of crap January as well, fear not, we’ll stand together in solidarity and flick the bird to it.  Then we can have a drink to celebrate! Yee-haw.

Feeling a little hoarse

I want desperately to credit this image, but I have no idea how it came to be saved in my images folder. None.
Somehow, all this non-writing has taken a terrible toll on me – I’m coughing like an annoying person with a slightly chesty cough. But not nearly chesty enough that people give me a slightly crazy eye look (I know you know what I’m talking about) and say ‘ooh that sounds nasty’. We’re all guilty of it. Let’s just embrace it and we can all go back to normal.
In other news, I thought it would be a delightful idea to get back into my youthful sport of choice netball. I played WD (that’s wing defence for the uninitiated) and I did bloody well enjoy it. Despite the snow. My toes, however, did not. They were the unfortunate victims of my somewhat enthusiastic de-acceleration, Dr Google tells me. They went a rather alarming shade of mauve for a few days last week. Then a creamy colour. There is something about pastel coloured toenails that is just not right. They’re weeping. I’m weeping. He, she, it is weeping. It’s all kinds of uncool.
And, because I can, I’m going to leave you on that charming note. ENJOY.