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Wedding Roundup – Hair, Makeup & Getting Ready

Lo and behold! I’m still alive! I have finally recovered from the spiritual shock of a new year of full time teaching, and so now I have managed to pull together the inner strength to start regularly posting again. It is now time for full-on wedding posts.

Because this is my blog, I get to focus on…well…me…so I’m going to kick of my series of wedding roundups with the morning when the bridal party got ready.

Before we get stuck into all the photos, of which there are many. I want to remind you of a little company called We Heart Pictures. I introduced you to Hector and Charlie last year, and in all honesty, I cannot think of anyone who would have done a better job with our photos. We are so unbelievably happy. You’ll see why:

Wedding 0001 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0002 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0005 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0008 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

It took me a little while to decide, but I eventually budgeted to have my makeup and hair done by the wonderful team at Lipstick & Curls. I am not going to lie, it was a big expense, but I thought for quite a long time about it before I committed. In the end, I decided it was worth it, as they’re a brand I know and trust, and there may not have been another occasion for which I could justify using them!

My stylist was Hannah, who was hilarious, patient and talented. If you’re lucky enough to meet her in the future, you’re in for a real treat. She was joined on the day by Anneka, who did the hair and makeup for my bridal party.

Wedding 0004 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

That morning, my Mama presented me with my “something blue”. It was a little blue box, from a tiny jewellery company called Tiffany & Co. You might have heard of them? The delicate heart bracelet you can see was my gift. I’ve taken to wearing it every day now.

My lovely sister and best friend N bought the whole group (even my bridesman S!) our robes as a surprise present. The soft cream jersey was actually quite comforting on the day, and the delicate embroidery on the sleeve was a lovely bridal detail. I’ve always loved the look of a bridal party wearing matching robes, so their thoughtful surprise made me give a squeal of delight!

Wedding 0040 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0039 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

I truly loved having everyone get ready with me. It was exciting, but also a strangely calm morning. I had a stellar bunch of brides-people around me, proffering croissants and fresh coffee in my general direction whenever they had the chance. What more could a bride ask for?

Wedding 0038 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0037 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0036 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0034 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

These photos also make me look at my house in a new light. The week before the wedding we had some plastering done (big mistake – don’t do it to yourself) and I had been feeling thoroughly fed up with the whole place. Seeing it look so charming in these photos, however, has won it a place in my good books once again.

Wedding 0033 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0032 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaDoesn’t my Mama have the most wonderful smile?

Wedding 0009 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Getting ready is evidently a very serious business. I had very serious eyebrows, and I loved every bit of them.

Even though we started before 9, we were all of a sudden running a little bit late! With a 10 minute walk into town ahead of us, it wasn’t long before I had to hop into my dress quick smart, with Hannah strategically arranging my hair clips and veil at the very last minute.

Wedding 0010 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The big event awaited us!

Just When I’m in Danger of Taking Myself Too Seriously…

I remember that my laptop has Photo Booth…

At first I was like this (warning, serious pouting ahead):

Sam after Bridal Trial - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Then I was like this:

Dorky Sam after Bridal Trial - Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaYesterday I had my hair and makeup trial for the wedding. Don’t fret, these don’t give too much away! Rest assured there will be plenty of surprises on the day.

Hair and Makeup courtesy of the lovely Hannah at Lipstick & Curls. Dorky face, wouldn’t you know it, model’s own.

Make. Build. Repair. Play. MacGyver Club at coFWD

Instagram images courtesy of Nat at coFWD

To kick of the last bank holiday weekend of the year, yesterday I went down to the coworking space in Rochester for their MacGyver Club, which was an opportunity to have a play, to make something or help a pal out in the company of the excellent coworkers.

My task? build a blackboard screen for our bunting stall at the upcoming Creative Brides Vintage and Unique Wedding Fair at Scotney Castle (that sounds rather impressive, doesn’t it!). I’ve been a bit worried that our stall wasn’t looking its best, and so I’ve been putting some energy into a redesign. I even jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon and pulled together some stall design ideas.  I’m generally a bit hesitant to make things that involve drilling, but in the end, I bit the proverbial bullet and thought I would lean on my pals at coFWD for a spot of moral support.
Other coworkers and friends were down playing with Raspberry Pies. I have no idea what they are, but it’s some sort of computer geekery, and they all seemed to be having a lot of fun. I got scared that I would spill blackboard paint over the lot, but this was thankfully avoided. I did manage to spill paint all over myself, but hey, no real surprises there!
The vibe at the space is always really fun, low pressure but supportive. I’m chuffed to bits that I can get down there every Wednesday, and it’s great to have something social on a weekend that doesn’t always involved getting on the booze.
I haven’t finished the screen yet, but I’m hoping I’ll get it done in the next few days, Stay tuned for the results!

John The Ex Fox

This is me, affectionately drawn by the talented John Sutherland of John The Ex Fox. Please check out his blog, I’m hideously biased of course, but I think he’s a wonderful talent and should be celebrated for it.

He’s also done a great series called The Smoking Animal Alphabet, which culminated in an exhibition at the Singapora Lounge last year. Word on the street is that he’s working on the next instalment…

It’s hard to be drawn by someone you know, obviously there’s an element of “do I really look like that?” but actually, I think John’s got the essence of me, and the more I look at this picture the more I see myself. He even got the rosy cheeks!

On Loneliness…

One of the most private things I’m willing to admit is how much my personality leans to the lonely side.  Travel has done much to both exacerbate and relieve this.

With only yourself for company, in the right light it seems easy to entertain, to comfort and to enjoy yourself, and solo travel is just perfect for that. You can see the exhibitions you want, go to the shows you know you’d enjoy, look at the architecture you love, all without having to consult another person. Self-contained entertainment. Responsible for only yourself.

And yet…

Life is better when it’s shared. Laughter shared is laughter squared (I just made that up, but I think it’ll catch on – bear with me). My best memories are the ones I can share with the people who were in them, and we can reminisce, shaking our heads at our brilliance, or often our folly.

I’ve made a conscious decision (in part as a result of moving to the other side of the world and the reality of “starting over”) to live as much as I can, to enjoy life as much as I can, and to surround myself with people who make me feel joyous. My decision to leave Australia has meant that I forfeited a tribe. Not the only tribe I will ever have, but the tribe I joined by osmosis. I didn’t have to try so hard to make friends when I was at home. I went to university, I was thrust into friend-generating situations without much effort on my side of things, and there they suddenly were: people with whom I had a shared history, shared memories, and a shared future.

In England I’ve had to cultivate that. It’s taken three years of a concerted effort to reach. To reach for others and say “Here I am, come get to know me. Let’s have some fun”. Which I can honestly say is really bloody hard. It does get easier, and it does make you more resilient. But the loneliness is there, in the spaces between. Not always, admittedly, and to be perfectly honest I have engineered a life where the spaces are few and far between. I keep myself busy.

But in the spaces between, like this bank holiday Monday, where I’ve got odd jobs to do, but no one really to do it with, my friends and lovely partner living their own lives, I really feel that creeping loneliness. If I ignore it, it just makes it bigger and stronger. That’s a lesson to learn. Today I’m feeling lonely, but I’m going to accept the hell out of it. That’s how I conquer, by knowing it’s a part of me, but it passes.


Fast Forward

Gotta love technology. The BF and I have now relocated to what is slowing turning into a particularly lovely basement flat on the High Street. I’d planned (sort of) for all the pain in the derriere that comes with moving, but what I hadn’t planned for is that it is apparently impossible to get a broadband engineer to hook up a new connection after October 31. Pricks, the lot of them. On top of this, it seems that every piece of expensive technology I own has either been sat on (screen ruined), thrown down the toilet or Dettol-ed to within an inch of its life and rendered, therefore, useless.

All of which is a longwinded way of saying “Sorry y’all”. I know I’ve been AWOL. Let’s take a moment to catch up on THE EXCTING THING THAT’S JUST HAPPENED.

You may be able to guess by the close proximity of my fellow passenger, and by the hint of hideous maroon behind me, that the BF and I are on a plane. One of those international ones too. Faaaancy.

Everytime we fly, he gets that terrified and yet excited look in his eye that is proportionate to the proximity of little trays of packaged food. Being fed and watching movies for 17 hours, a happy BF does make..

This is me Pa. Which means, yes folks, that thing did happen. I went home. Five glorious uninterrupted weeks of the people I love best (most of them anyway, there is one or two still lurking in the UK) and the ones that love me. Sunshine. Wine. Bathers. Beach. Sun up at 5am and down at 8pm. Why don’t I live here again?

I don’t remember Perth being so humid, or as I prefer to say, yumid. I can tell ya, it’s been a little sticky out here, but that works for me too, I just pretend I’m in Bali. As if being in Australia wasn’t luxurious enough. LOL.

We spent yesterday faffing about, walking down the main drags being all “Geez hasn’t this all changed” and also “Geez this hasn’t changed a bit”, like two faintly annoying (and yet terribly breathtakingly good looking) tourists. The best bit? Australia’s version of John Lewis, David Jones Department Store, used to do the most amazing sushi. $2.95 for a freshly made roll, and you could take your pick from fresh salmon, tuna, teriyaki chicken or salmon, or even tempura prawn. Sweet baby Jesus these were amazing. I worked at DJs for about two or three years, and those blissful years are remembered by a terrible addiction to overly expensive things, from which I’ve somewhat successfully weaned myself off, and also a sushi addiction, for which there is no cure.

Happily, the sushi bar remains. Which basically means I’m packing my things and taking up residence in DJs. I’ll sleep on one of the demo beds. It’s been done before.

Peace out lovers.

In Which The Full Extent of My Fanaticism is Revealed

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Antiques Roadshow
I wont comment on the phallic ivory
It’s love, people.
Honest to goodness love
Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Antiques Roadshow 2
Can’t you tell?
Don’t you see what’s happening?
Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Antiques Roadshow 3
Can’t you tell by the furtive photographs?
The familiar faces?
Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Antiques Roadshow 4
I’ve rarely been so excited in my short life. I didn’t just meander around the tables, oh no. I loitered. I looked as if I had something to do, or some reason at all to be there other than sycophantism. I didn’t have any reason, but I looked as though I did. Which is the main thing.

It also makes me ridiculously happy to know that I managed to get several unflattering pictures of the presenters. HILARIOUS. It’s a serious post-modern juxtaposition – being so goddamn knowledgeable and then looking like a tit in photos. SNAP.

The television show is an institution – something to rely on in an ever changing world. I may joke, but in all seriousness I really really love the show. If you did beneath the surface, the slightly intimidatingly English people are actually doing a public service by reminding us that it’s ok, nay desirable to be interested in things. We all need to stop being fixated on being interesting, and start cultivating interests into something other than ourselves. Or is it just me that reads it that way? I am all for the modern world, and I love that I live right now – but the Roadshow reminds us of a couple of core values from the generations before that are still so relevant: appreciation for craftsmanship; enthusiasm for beauty; and that objects can be truly and powerfully emotive.

I almost needed to weep a little as we walked away…


It’s almost two years since I left my home and I really need to go back.

I miss my family a hell of a lot and want to spend some QUANTITY time with them. Everything about them is quality but I just crave days where I don’t have to tell them any news at all but we can just sit in the same goddamn room and not speak. Days where no effort is made but I just get to soak up all their lovely familiarity.

Everything right now is measured in terms of a percentage of a ticket back to Australia.

I am SO looking forward to feeling hot again.