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My Weekend Has Been Spent #6

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Sydney 1

Sydney Townhouse

Brighton Street Sydney

Museum Station Sydney

MOCA The One Hour Laugh2

Sydney Opera House and Seagull

Sydney Harbour Bridge Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha in Sydney

Mr Tumnus Hyde Park Garden Sydney

Belvoir St Theatre Sydney A Christmas Carol

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Polish Consulate Sydney

German Shepherd Mask Melbourne

  • Technically starting the weekend on Wednesday morning, when I hopped on a plane at an ungodly hour and flew to Melbourne.
  • Being greeted by my Mum at the airport
  • Seeing my Mum’s new fancy house – they’ve just bought it and it’s magazine worthy. Think modern with a Scandinavian mid century twist. Yeah. That’s good, isn’t it?
  • Scraping a couple of hours’ kip in Mum’s spare bedroom. Ugh. There’s a difference between early starts and early starts.
  • Trying not to get carsick on the way to the airport
  • Boarding a teeny tiny plane to Sydney.
  • Reaffirming my feelings that flying is not scary for me, just incredibly dull.
  • Landing in Sydney and heading to my friend’s work to drop off my suitcase
  • Realising that Sydney was ridiculously humid. Oh my god, was definitely not expecting that after the mildness in Melbourne.
  • Realising that hair products do actually work. Normally my hair would end up like Marge Simpson’s at the tiniest whiff of humidity, but it stayed perfect until I got drenched later in the day.
  • Having pizza and wine time with a dear friend that I haven’t seen for ages. (Love you K!)
  • Waking up and wandering into central Sydney.
  • Spending a couple of hours in David Jones, my favourite department store in the world. It’s like an Australian version on John Lewis, and believe it or not they do the best sushi I have ever tasted. It’s slightly better in the Perth store though!
  • Realising that a lot of Sydney is modelled on an English style of architecture. Think terraced housing, the Museum station above and big Selfridges style department stores. It was quite comforting in a way.
  • Heading the Museum of Contemporary Art. I was a little bit…underwhelmed I have to say, which is a real shame. One thing I adored though was a digital installation called The One Hour Laugh, which was simply a video of four women in somewhat ridiculous get up, trying to make each other laugh. I found myself grinning like a loon and giggling along with them. Very cheering.
  • Despairing of the fact that coffee is cheaper in Sydney than it is in Perth. :-/
  • Wandering around the Docklands, and catching views of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Heading inside the Opera House, but just missing out on a tour.
  • Catching a view of a statue I have hereby named Mr Tumnus in Hyde Park.
  • Popping back to Surry Hills to see Belvoir St Theatre’s charming show A Christmas Carol. 5 Stars, would recommend. It was the most delightful reimagining of the story. Let me tell you, I get LOADS of Dickens in England where I live, which I rarely enjoy, but this was something truly heartwarming.
  • Catching some zzz’s back at my friend’s house.
  • At last completing my Sydney mission – putting in my application for my first ever Polish Passport at the Consulate. This is the only place in Australia where you can do it, which is a bit annoying for us west-siders! I was expecting it to be difficult, but the assistant was totally lovely and helped me out when my non-existent Polish became an issue!
  • Flying back to Melbourne to spend the actual  weekend with my Mum’s family. There was a German Shepherd mask involved, but I don’t think I could explain that even if I tried.
  • Catching another plane back to ol’ Perth.
  • Praising everyone who could possibly be praised for the fact I could lie down in my own bed.


I was incredibly lucky to have left Sydney before the terrible events in the Lindt cafe unfolded. It was a tragic event and my heart goes out to all those touched by the cruel actions of a deluded man. 

Fast Forward

Gotta love technology. The BF and I have now relocated to what is slowing turning into a particularly lovely basement flat on the High Street. I’d planned (sort of) for all the pain in the derriere that comes with moving, but what I hadn’t planned for is that it is apparently impossible to get a broadband engineer to hook up a new connection after October 31. Pricks, the lot of them. On top of this, it seems that every piece of expensive technology I own has either been sat on (screen ruined), thrown down the toilet or Dettol-ed to within an inch of its life and rendered, therefore, useless.

All of which is a longwinded way of saying “Sorry y’all”. I know I’ve been AWOL. Let’s take a moment to catch up on THE EXCTING THING THAT’S JUST HAPPENED.

You may be able to guess by the close proximity of my fellow passenger, and by the hint of hideous maroon behind me, that the BF and I are on a plane. One of those international ones too. Faaaancy.

Everytime we fly, he gets that terrified and yet excited look in his eye that is proportionate to the proximity of little trays of packaged food. Being fed and watching movies for 17 hours, a happy BF does make..

This is me Pa. Which means, yes folks, that thing did happen. I went home. Five glorious uninterrupted weeks of the people I love best (most of them anyway, there is one or two still lurking in the UK) and the ones that love me. Sunshine. Wine. Bathers. Beach. Sun up at 5am and down at 8pm. Why don’t I live here again?

I don’t remember Perth being so humid, or as I prefer to say, yumid. I can tell ya, it’s been a little sticky out here, but that works for me too, I just pretend I’m in Bali. As if being in Australia wasn’t luxurious enough. LOL.

We spent yesterday faffing about, walking down the main drags being all “Geez hasn’t this all changed” and also “Geez this hasn’t changed a bit”, like two faintly annoying (and yet terribly breathtakingly good looking) tourists. The best bit? Australia’s version of John Lewis, David Jones Department Store, used to do the most amazing sushi. $2.95 for a freshly made roll, and you could take your pick from fresh salmon, tuna, teriyaki chicken or salmon, or even tempura prawn. Sweet baby Jesus these were amazing. I worked at DJs for about two or three years, and those blissful years are remembered by a terrible addiction to overly expensive things, from which I’ve somewhat successfully weaned myself off, and also a sushi addiction, for which there is no cure.

Happily, the sushi bar remains. Which basically means I’m packing my things and taking up residence in DJs. I’ll sleep on one of the demo beds. It’s been done before.

Peace out lovers.