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HSGS Does Half Term

HSGS Does Half Term - Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaHSGS in the Garden - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Sam in the Garden - Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaHSGS In the Garden 2 - Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaHSGS In the Garden 3 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

On Friday afternoon I skipped out the door of work and said a jaunty ‘HELLO’ to a whole week off.  I say a week, but in fact today I headed back in to prepare for next term and write about 3,000 school reports. But that fact paled into insignificance in the face of what is officially known as ‘Half Term Holiday’ in the HSGS household.

Mr Hello also booked a week off, and we kicked off the break by getting into the garden. BIG TIME. I’m talking allotment, I’m talking back garden and then we headed to the Kent Garden Show to pick up a few treasures.

Over the weekend we had a few friends over who brought their little girl over. This meant a couple of hours of delicious food, great conversation and an excellent round of the game ‘Off The Pudd’, for which no-one seemed to know the rules apart from a three year old. What a delight.

Mr H and I then journeyed forth to Suffolk, to hang out with his sister and her delightful son, and the only thing to somewhat spoil the day was that our clutch failed on the motorway as we headed home, so instead of an evening on the couch we spent an evening sitting in the carpark of a motorway hotel scoffing chocolate while we waited for a tow!

With a couple of days left before TERM 6 (I repeat TERM 6)  starts,  I plan on pottering around the house a little bit, finishing off some report writing and faffing around with my camera settings! I’ve also got some more seeds to plant out, and am looking forward to seeing all my new plants in the garden.

How’s your week been, pals?

She of the the creative nature (in a vague and general way)

She of the the creative nature (in a vague and general way)
scuse the blurry pictures – haste!
Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Felt Journal
For the first time since 1878 I actually remembered to get something for my sister’s birthday. Hoh! – not only did I get something, I made her a gift. Hoh! indeed!
This felt baby was a labour of love, and inspired by the second-to-most-recent copy of Mollie Makes Magazine. I saw the picture of the old fashioned camera and was hooked. The idea wormed it’s way into me and I had to do it. I envisaged it, and then proceeded to make it (questionable syntax be damned).
I think it looks effing great. I was so proud of it. It was something that I would buy (god forbid), and I sent it off to Australia with pride.
And Royal Mail lost it.
It never arrived. Some bastard somewhere has got this beautiful journal that I slaved over for my big sis. I waited and waited for it to arrive, but I eventually had to text her a picture of what she had been deprived of. I could feel her grief radiate through the internet (grief, or disinterest – sometimes it’s hard to tell) and her wails of sorrow hurt the very fibres of my soul.
So obviously I have to make another one for her, one even bigger and better than before. But I think it’s only fair that the world know how great it was. I was so proud *sob*.
There are several things to be said about being creative – and creative in a way that doesn’t mean wearing eccentric scarves – creative in a way where you create things that weren’t there before. It’s thrillifying and satisfying and empowering.

We’re going to include these babies in the bunted! catalogue very soon, and I’ve been doodling like a woman possessed creating designs for future covers. It’s excellent fun. Buy one from me immediately. Ta.