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Wedding Roundup – Hair, Makeup & Getting Ready

Lo and behold! I’m still alive! I have finally recovered from the spiritual shock of a new year of full time teaching, and so now I have managed to pull together the inner strength to start regularly posting again. It is now time for full-on wedding posts.

Because this is my blog, I get to focus on…well…me…so I’m going to kick of my series of wedding roundups with the morning when the bridal party got ready.

Before we get stuck into all the photos, of which there are many. I want to remind you of a little company called We Heart Pictures. I introduced you to Hector and Charlie last year, and in all honesty, I cannot think of anyone who would have done a better job with our photos. We are so unbelievably happy. You’ll see why:

Wedding 0001 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0002 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0005 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0008 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

It took me a little while to decide, but I eventually budgeted to have my makeup and hair done by the wonderful team at Lipstick & Curls. I am not going to lie, it was a big expense, but I thought for quite a long time about it before I committed. In the end, I decided it was worth it, as they’re a brand I know and trust, and there may not have been another occasion for which I could justify using them!

My stylist was Hannah, who was hilarious, patient and talented. If you’re lucky enough to meet her in the future, you’re in for a real treat. She was joined on the day by Anneka, who did the hair and makeup for my bridal party.

Wedding 0004 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

That morning, my Mama presented me with my “something blue”. It was a little blue box, from a tiny jewellery company called Tiffany & Co. You might have heard of them? The delicate heart bracelet you can see was my gift. I’ve taken to wearing it every day now.

My lovely sister and best friend N bought the whole group (even my bridesman S!) our robes as a surprise present. The soft cream jersey was actually quite comforting on the day, and the delicate embroidery on the sleeve was a lovely bridal detail. I’ve always loved the look of a bridal party wearing matching robes, so their thoughtful surprise made me give a squeal of delight!

Wedding 0040 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0039 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

I truly loved having everyone get ready with me. It was exciting, but also a strangely calm morning. I had a stellar bunch of brides-people around me, proffering croissants and fresh coffee in my general direction whenever they had the chance. What more could a bride ask for?

Wedding 0038 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0037 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0036 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0034 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

These photos also make me look at my house in a new light. The week before the wedding we had some plastering done (big mistake – don’t do it to yourself) and I had been feeling thoroughly fed up with the whole place. Seeing it look so charming in these photos, however, has won it a place in my good books once again.

Wedding 0033 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0032 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaDoesn’t my Mama have the most wonderful smile?

Wedding 0009 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Getting ready is evidently a very serious business. I had very serious eyebrows, and I loved every bit of them.

Even though we started before 9, we were all of a sudden running a little bit late! With a 10 minute walk into town ahead of us, it wasn’t long before I had to hop into my dress quick smart, with Hannah strategically arranging my hair clips and veil at the very last minute.

Wedding 0010 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The big event awaited us!

And I’m Back in the Room

You may have noticed it’s been….silent….around these parts for a couple of weeks.

I also had this little thing called a WEDDING to finish planning, and before I knew it, family in the shape of my sister, my Dad and my best friend N arrived – and the WEDDING chaos had started. More and more family piled in over the next week, which to someone who lives so very far away, was total bliss. I’ve never been so well fed and boozed in my life!

Over the next few weeks, I want to do a few posts about the wedding, how I felt about it all and how it feels to be MARRIED NOW, as well as the requisite outfit rundowns, but for the time being, here’s a little sneak peek of the day itself.

It was pretty great.

Wedding Procession Rochester - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha


We walked down Rochester High Street with our guests all the way to our reception venue. It was a real highlight, as you may be able to tell from the looks on our faces.

PS – How rad does my Mum look?

PPS – the lovely Rosalyn of Dream Days Blog got married a week before we did, so if you’re up for some hardcore wedding reflection, check her blog out too!

Wedding Planning: The Not/Boring Bits

The Wedding Interview Room - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha


This is a truly dreadful picture, in fact, both the images you will see today leave a lot to be desired, but please bear with me.

You see behind that door, this morning my future husband was having our pre-ceremony interview. It’s not as exciting as it sounds, which must mean it was really rather dull, but in fact there was something exciting about it all.

The wedding is 53 days away (but who’s counting, right?) and today it all finally felt real. Mr Hello and I are participating in a truly human ritual, and one that we’ve all been doing for hundreds of years. There’s some magic in that.

I remember feeling the same way when we went in to get measured up for our wedding rings; for hundreds, if not thousands of years, we’ve been obsessed with putting shiny loops around our fingers. We’ve thought it was important to have an outward sign of our internal commitment to someone, and a really freakin’ shiny one at that.

This is not to say that the rings are all that important, it’s not even to say that getting married is all that important. Except when it is important, when you really, really, really want to marry someone. The way I want to marry Mr H.

Somehow, the slightest connection to the weddings of old can turn even the dreariest paperwork shuffling meeting into something a little more…epic. Although to be fair to our lovely Superintended Registrar, she was not dreary in the least.

I’ll leave you with a final poor image, hastily taken as we got our post-interview coffees. I felt it was necessary to mark the occasion with some posing:

After the Wedding Interview - - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

We’re gettin’ hitched soon, y’all!



Tiny Beautiful Things

Tiny Beautiful Things Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The blossoms have arrived at Jackson’s Field in Rochester.

Spring is bringing exciting plans, and I’m inching closer to married life. Non married life is pretty great too though, it must be said.

I had a little crisis of confidence professionally last week, and it resulted in a week of interrupted sleep and feeling a little fragile. I’m trying to combat this by being absorbed in my home: cooking lots, easy but time consuming recipes, watching The River Cottage (Series One is from 1999!) and planning my new garden.

I spent a remarkably pleasant day last weekend in a gift store picking out cards – not for any occasion but purely because I liked them. I think I will send some out to friends I haven’t seen in a while,  to let them know I’m thinking of them. It seems to be a season of change for many of us.


This Week I Was Grateful For #1

Coffee Gratitude 1


Coffee. This specific coffee actually (although technically it was consumed last Sunday), as it was shared with my sister at Gordon St Garage in Perth. We were waiting for our Mum to arrive for our breakfast date, and when she did we had some tasty food (poached egg on some kind of amazing potato hash), chatted then did a little shopping at the outlet across the road. Quite satisfactory indeed.

I’m grateful for the coffee because it meant I got to spend time with women whom I love dearly but don’t see very often. We all live in different cities, which isn’t such a huge issue if we lived in say, England, but in Australia, another state is 3 hours and at least $400 away.

I read a quote once when I was working in a job with a manager in a remote office, but I think it is very apt for long distance families too:

Distance is about relationships, not geography

So I think it’s important to make the most of these coffees together when I have the chance.

Wedding Planning: The Photographer

If you have ever had anything to do with weddings in your life, you’ve probably heard the story of the bride run ragged by wedding planning, while the groom sits, blissfully unaware with a pint in the pub. Get him involved in the process! the wedding blogs cry, make it a day about both of you!

Happily (sadly?), I never had such a problem. Mr Hello is so extremely excited to be planning a wedding, I can hardly get a word in (I don’t really mean that, J, if you’re reading…teehee?). He was blazing, all cylinders agogo. The trouble was, after the initial decisions had been made, there was a little…er….disconnect on what and where our priorities were, in that we had different ideas about the value of certain services that usually get hired with the whole wedding  kit and caboodle….like getting a professional to capture the day, instead of a friend with a camera.

Now this is not to say that a friend with a camera can’t take wonderful pictures. In fact I have several friends who take absolutely gorgeous photographs. But I know Mr H’s friends, and more to the point I know my friends, and they’re going to want to be front and centre on the D-floor, and I certainly don’t want to ask them to stay sober and focussed for the whole day. Focussed, yes. On being the opposite of sober.

So, to get Mr H fully on board with the idea, I asked him to find a photographer he was happy to use. What he decided on both surprised and delighted me.

We Heart Pictures is an alternative wedding photographer based in London. The husband and wife team of Hector and Charlie are the ‘antithesis of traditional wedding photography’ (LIKE) and aim to capture more of the vibe of the day than 100 posed photos (DOUBLE LIKE). Without more ado, here are some of the snaps that made me scramble to sign on the dotted line….

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 1

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 2
This one absolutely kills me. This is going to be what my Dad looks like on the day. No doubt about it.

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 3

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 4

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 5

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 6

Vicky and Dave's Wedding 7

Aren’t they absolutely to die for? I’m so incredibly excited to have Hector shoot our wedding, and to be able to look back and have images of this quality.

They’re absolutely delightful people to boot. Not only were they happy to meet Mr H for a coffee and chat through our options, they actually suggested that they Skype me from London so that they could put a face to a name before the big day. That definitely scored points with me. Hector is Colombian, which means they get the international couple thing, and they get why we’re making some of the choices we are making for the big day. Another bonus? They’re not even that expensive. As far as wedding photography goes, they are totally reasonable and in fact I think they’re excellent value for money considering the lovely quality of their work.

Can you tell I’m excited?


All photo credits are We Heart Pictures. Book Them. They’ll  be great.

Bon Fête des Pères!

Sam and Steve
A little blurry film photo, but you get the idea

  We went for a walk this morning, and somehow ended up in Karrakatta cemetery. “Let’s have a look,” I said, “maybe we can find your Dad!”. Having never met the man nor seen the grave, I was perhaps a little enthusiastic. We walked amongst the headstones, as he wasn’t quite sure where it was after all these years. After a few semi-confident expressions of “I think this is the place”, at last a name, in a language I can’t understand, jumped out at me. Despite the barrier, it was intensely familiar, and I silently sounded out the syllables. A moment spent in silence, he brushed the end of the tomb with his hand. We walked home, taking the long way. He told me all about native flowers, and I listened. Happy Father’s Day Papa, I couldn’t be more grateful for you.

What’s It All About Sammy?

I am a very different person to the one I was five years ago. The fundamental change has been a huge increase in confidence, brought about by a difficult, but ultimately successful move from Australia to the United Kingdom. I’m now back in Australia finishing my studies, but when I get married next year (woohoo!) I’ll be living permanently in Ol’ Blighty.

Let this blog be a conversation about what it’s like to be a woman, a lover, a migrant and a human. I’m going to share some of the things I’ve learnt about moving to the other side of the world. How to do it, and what mistakes I made, that hopefully, if you’re in the same position, you can avoid.

This here blog is my account of things that are important to me in my life. What’s going on, and when. My favourite blogs are those where I can read about other peoples’ lives, but in such a way that I feel a kind of universality with their life and my own. I’m going to try to strike a balance between putting the intimate details of my life online, and keeping some elements private. I don’t know if anyone apart from my family will read this, but if they do, I want them to recognise their own life in mine – that fundamentally, we all have the same shit to deal with.

Fast Forward

Gotta love technology. The BF and I have now relocated to what is slowing turning into a particularly lovely basement flat on the High Street. I’d planned (sort of) for all the pain in the derriere that comes with moving, but what I hadn’t planned for is that it is apparently impossible to get a broadband engineer to hook up a new connection after October 31. Pricks, the lot of them. On top of this, it seems that every piece of expensive technology I own has either been sat on (screen ruined), thrown down the toilet or Dettol-ed to within an inch of its life and rendered, therefore, useless.

All of which is a longwinded way of saying “Sorry y’all”. I know I’ve been AWOL. Let’s take a moment to catch up on THE EXCTING THING THAT’S JUST HAPPENED.

You may be able to guess by the close proximity of my fellow passenger, and by the hint of hideous maroon behind me, that the BF and I are on a plane. One of those international ones too. Faaaancy.

Everytime we fly, he gets that terrified and yet excited look in his eye that is proportionate to the proximity of little trays of packaged food. Being fed and watching movies for 17 hours, a happy BF does make..

This is me Pa. Which means, yes folks, that thing did happen. I went home. Five glorious uninterrupted weeks of the people I love best (most of them anyway, there is one or two still lurking in the UK) and the ones that love me. Sunshine. Wine. Bathers. Beach. Sun up at 5am and down at 8pm. Why don’t I live here again?

I don’t remember Perth being so humid, or as I prefer to say, yumid. I can tell ya, it’s been a little sticky out here, but that works for me too, I just pretend I’m in Bali. As if being in Australia wasn’t luxurious enough. LOL.

We spent yesterday faffing about, walking down the main drags being all “Geez hasn’t this all changed” and also “Geez this hasn’t changed a bit”, like two faintly annoying (and yet terribly breathtakingly good looking) tourists. The best bit? Australia’s version of John Lewis, David Jones Department Store, used to do the most amazing sushi. $2.95 for a freshly made roll, and you could take your pick from fresh salmon, tuna, teriyaki chicken or salmon, or even tempura prawn. Sweet baby Jesus these were amazing. I worked at DJs for about two or three years, and those blissful years are remembered by a terrible addiction to overly expensive things, from which I’ve somewhat successfully weaned myself off, and also a sushi addiction, for which there is no cure.

Happily, the sushi bar remains. Which basically means I’m packing my things and taking up residence in DJs. I’ll sleep on one of the demo beds. It’s been done before.

Peace out lovers.

24 And There’s So Much More

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Birthday
Saturday was my 24th birthday! Yay! It was actually one of the most delicious days I’ve had in a while. The BF and our friend Steve had been out painting the town red the night before, so once they’d both imbibed a sustaining bacon and egg bagel and some fresh coffee we walked down Rochester High Street.
Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Clarks Brogues
Well, they walked, I pranced. I pranced down the street in my new brogues. I’m far more attached to them than I should be. It’s not very Buddhist of me. Ho hum. They’re real leather and HARRIS TWEED. I saw them featured on Domestic Sluttery, and I not-very-casually forwarded the page to the BF with the heading “WANT”. He got the hint.

In the eve, we headed to Cafe Moroc for a wonderful birthday dinner. Bear with me whilst I gush: if you are looking for somewhere in Rochester for dinner that is intimate, has great food and incredible service – go to Cafe Moroc. I’ve rarely been so delighted with a restaurant. They don’t know the thanks that is about to hit them in the face. Watch out boys…you’re about to get thanked.

Please excuse the grainy photos! The food was utterly sublime, and several bottles of complimentary fizz were provided as a surprise. It was just lovely. Great food, great wine and wonderful company. It was a life-affirming dinner, and what more could you want for your birthday?

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Birthday 2
The BF’s sister (BFS) and I having a wee cuddle
There were more bottles of wine than people by this stage, but I was very well behaved. After the food, we had another we drink in the pub across the road, and then on to Oliver’s for a little boogie. This was a bit of a mistake as the anonymous bum gropers were out in full force and my friend D and I found ourselves being manhandled on the dance floor. Ne’ermind. D is a wee lass but she can death stare up there with the best of them. She wasn’t even looking at me and I was frightened.
I pranced home (still wearing the brogues – I haven’t taken them off in three days) as 2:00am rang in, even managing to take my make-up off, brush my teeth, take two nurofen (in advance) and drink a litre of water before snuggling into bed. I must be growing up!