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Wedding Roundup – Hair, Makeup & Getting Ready

Lo and behold! I’m still alive! I have finally recovered from the spiritual shock of a new year of full time teaching, and so now I have managed to pull together the inner strength to start regularly posting again. It is now time for full-on wedding posts.

Because this is my blog, I get to focus on…well…me…so I’m going to kick of my series of wedding roundups with the morning when the bridal party got ready.

Before we get stuck into all the photos, of which there are many. I want to remind you of a little company called We Heart Pictures. I introduced you to Hector and Charlie last year, and in all honesty, I cannot think of anyone who would have done a better job with our photos. We are so unbelievably happy. You’ll see why:

Wedding 0001 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0002 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0005 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0008 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

It took me a little while to decide, but I eventually budgeted to have my makeup and hair done by the wonderful team at Lipstick & Curls. I am not going to lie, it was a big expense, but I thought for quite a long time about it before I committed. In the end, I decided it was worth it, as they’re a brand I know and trust, and there may not have been another occasion for which I could justify using them!

My stylist was Hannah, who was hilarious, patient and talented. If you’re lucky enough to meet her in the future, you’re in for a real treat. She was joined on the day by Anneka, who did the hair and makeup for my bridal party.

Wedding 0004 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

That morning, my Mama presented me with my “something blue”. It was a little blue box, from a tiny jewellery company called Tiffany & Co. You might have heard of them? The delicate heart bracelet you can see was my gift. I’ve taken to wearing it every day now.

My lovely sister and best friend N bought the whole group (even my bridesman S!) our robes as a surprise present. The soft cream jersey was actually quite comforting on the day, and the delicate embroidery on the sleeve was a lovely bridal detail. I’ve always loved the look of a bridal party wearing matching robes, so their thoughtful surprise made me give a squeal of delight!

Wedding 0040 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0039 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

I truly loved having everyone get ready with me. It was exciting, but also a strangely calm morning. I had a stellar bunch of brides-people around me, proffering croissants and fresh coffee in my general direction whenever they had the chance. What more could a bride ask for?

Wedding 0038 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0037 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0036 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0034 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

These photos also make me look at my house in a new light. The week before the wedding we had some plastering done (big mistake – don’t do it to yourself) and I had been feeling thoroughly fed up with the whole place. Seeing it look so charming in these photos, however, has won it a place in my good books once again.

Wedding 0033 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding 0032 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaDoesn’t my Mama have the most wonderful smile?

Wedding 0009 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Getting ready is evidently a very serious business. I had very serious eyebrows, and I loved every bit of them.

Even though we started before 9, we were all of a sudden running a little bit late! With a 10 minute walk into town ahead of us, it wasn’t long before I had to hop into my dress quick smart, with Hannah strategically arranging my hair clips and veil at the very last minute.

Wedding 0010 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The big event awaited us!

Peanut Butter Appreciation Day at Bruno’s French Bakes

Bruno's Bakes Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Cake at Bruno's Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Yesterday I continued my patronage of small businesses in Rochester (you can see my post on The Henderson’s here), and I journeyed forth to partake in the inaugural Peanut Butter Appreciation Day at Rochester’s tiniest French patisserie, Bruno’s French Bakes.

The café is at the far end of our High Street, which unfortunately is notorious for a slow footfall, even for such a busy part of town. I’ve known of a number of cafés that have started out there, only to close up shop down the line, because they just can’t capture enough customers.

I’ve always thought that there was a relatively easy cure to this: make your café a destination. Make it the reason people come to the High Street! I know, I know, that’s much easier said than done.

Unless, apparently, you’re Bruno or Rick. This pair have done a remarkable job in publicising their delectable products, and I am yet to go to Bruno’s and be the only customer in the joint. That place is heaving. From my point of view, part of their success is due to the fact that they do create these wonderful celebratory events, like Peanut Butter Day and 2014’s Doughnut Day, both of which have been widely advertised. Who am I to refuse? Seriously, it’s a siren’s call.

Ultimately, the proof is in the (literal) pudding. Their cakes are to die for, and the look you can see on my face above is one of half joy, and half despair at the sheer beauty of the Peanut Butter and Chocolate pie I was consuming. Despair that it would end, and despair that it was surely too calorific to enjoy again immediately. Mr H had something similar, but with waffles, maple syrup and bacon topping. I mean come on. JOY.

If you’re in town, please go here immediately.

La Société Vintage a Rochester

 The Rochester Vintage Society and Demelza present:

An Evening Soiree
 If your idea of a good night out includes vintage fashion at bargain prices, come on down on Saturday 24th March from 8 – 11pm to learn how to perfect your pin curls, twirl your moustache and how to strut your stuff in an oh-so-ladylike fashion. Vintage poetry readings and burlesque to delight and titillate. £5 entry on the door includes delicious treats, a glass of something bubbly and membership to the best Society in town! Dress in your 1920’s-1950’s best or be challenged to a duel! Places limited so RSVP requested at  rochestervintagesociety@gmail.com

Knowing More Than You Thought


“Do you know any gay people?” Sir Ian McKellen asks the class. Silence. Heads shake. “Well, you do now. I’m gay.” It’s my turn to speak up. “You know two now. I used to go to this school — and I’m gay,” I offer. “You know three now,” a sixth-former chips in. The other pupils don’t look too surprised, and he seems admirably comfortable in his sexuality. Silence. Then: “Erm. Well. You know four now.” Heads shoot around to see a uniformed boy, leaning close to Sir Ian. Mouths fall slightly open — including mine — but nobody speaks. Then Sir Ian says, in that mellifluous voice of his, “Well. How about that? It turns out we all know quite a few more gay people than we thought we did.”

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Un Petit Café Avec Un Peu De Lait

There is this chap at my workplace, and for the sake of anonymity, lets call him *Ron. Ron is a great guy, he’s married with a baby son, and has been building his house for 2 years. Ron also is the barista. And he’s a bit of a bugger. He took a little while to warm up to me, but now that I’ve become a semi-regular around the joint, I have been welcomed into the inner sanctum on Ron-ness. An inner sanctum that has serious perks.

Numero uno, free coffee. Now there is little that makes my heart leap as much as those two words. I freakin love those little loyalty stamp cards, where if you buy 10 coffees your next one’s free. One of the happiest days in my sad sad life was when I discovered that at Exomod you ONLY NEED TO BUY EIGHT COFFEES TO GET ONE FREE! That’s right, people, run, don’t walk.

So anyway, back to Ron and the inner sanctum. I thought he was the boss there, hence the dishing out of said perks. But it has recently come to my attention that he is not the head honcho at the cafe, and therefore his generous rewards scheme is in fact, a delicate dance of mystery and espionage. You see, if *Ron, (now do you see why I am protecting his identity?) was caught, there would be a moderate scolding involved, and immediate cessation of freebies. The best bit though, is that when Boss-lady is around, he charges me for the coffee, but, wait for it, GIVES ME DOUBLE STAMPS. oh god.

10 things Sam is Loving Right Now

10. Diet coke, or as I prefer to call it, DC. DC is absolutement refresh-e-ment. But it has to be of the sub zero temperature kind. One thing I cannot abide is a lukewarm diet coke. Vom.

9. Skype. I don’t even know how to use the damn thing properly, but still, in theory, loving it.

8. Chevre (a soft goat’s cheese). Oh god. freakin delish. big time. put it in a salad, or caramelise some spanish onion, balsamic vinegar, and cherry tomatoes. Put in little filo pastry cups and top with salty globs of chevre. Bake for 10 mins and eat warm. You can thank me later.

7. Alannah Hill. The designer of my very expensive yet supremely delightful and happy-making handbag. My sister has a fuschia alanna hill coat that has me writhing in covetous envy

6. Having a job. Can’t say that it fulfils all my inherent needs wants and/or desires, but having a paycheck each fortnight is damn good. Gets me closer to london every minute.

5. Thunderstorms. You’ve probably heard about or experienced it, but Perth and Melbourne just had major freak hailstorms. I experienced both, but have to say, Perth comes up trumps purely because of inconvenience. Not only was the whole of Perth taking public transport with me, but the train in front of mine broke down, and we were stuck on a hot train for over 40 mins. Balls. But snuggling down under the covers with a certain someone gets two thumbs up from me.

4. Mad Men. I freakin’ love Christina Hendricks and her sasstastic bosom. She is one fine dame. I also love how I love Don Draper but I hate him I hate him too. Oh the dichotomies of good drama.

3. Yoga. I am by no means the most fit/flexible/committed person ever to roam these lands, but there is something so relaxing about going all pretzel in your face. It’s so hard that you have no more room in your head to stress.

2. A friend being surprised that I didn’t have a blog. Until now. She may live to regret the suggestion. (so might I…….)

1. The Boy. You know you love someone when they make you laugh so hard that you can’t breathe. Or when they wake you up in the middle of the night by flinging their arms open, exclaiming that they are a fairy and their name is “Tinkerface”. Loves it.