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Toute Seule

The Vines in Rochester - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Sam in The Vines - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

New Sandals - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

After having spent the best part of 2014 on my own in Australia, this weekend was the first since returning to England, that I have not spent in the company of Mr H.

He’s off camping with some friends, and so I’ve had a whole weekend to fill with activities toute seule, as it were.

I’ve had a haircut, caught up with some friends, wandered around lovely Rochester, gone to the films (Jurassic World ftw!), and now I’m down to the last activities on my list, namely avoiding prep work and procrastinating over some housework. Le sigh.

On a better note, I’ve finally worn in my new specs (does one ‘wear in’ new glasses? It feels that way sometimes), and have had the occasion to wear both my favourite denim jacket and my new leather sandals, courtesy of the Mecca of fabulousness TK Maxx.

Life ain’t so bad really, it just sometimes feels a little less ‘yay’ and a little more ‘meh’ when you do it on your own.