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Life Lately :: March 2016

Life Lately March 2016 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Long time, no blog! I’d apologise, but….I won’t. As the title of this post suggests, life kind of got in the way of documenting it. I’ve made peace with this style of blogging, and I hope you have too!

Since last we spoke, I’ve had a week’s half term (by which I mean, 3 days since I tend to work a couple of days during each break), and then have headed straight back into teaching, which I’m sure most of you can understand, is undertaken at quite the relentless pace.  Ho hum.

I also had a suspected broken nose after spectacularly hitting myself in the face with my car door. It was dark, I was trying to check my parking, and was sufficiently convinced of its poor quality that I went to move it and – WHAM. Door to the face time. Noice.

In the spaces between, here’s what I’ve been up to. Clockwise from top left:

  1. Super bargainous £4.50 hat from the M&S outlet down the road. Headache-inducing-frozen ears no more!
  2. Getting my allotment on – after a couple of month’s break Mr H and I got the ol’ wellies on and trekked up the hill to our piece of earth. There are few things as good for the soul as a couple of hour’s worth of fresh air.
  3. Work, bitch. I spent a small, insignificant, teeny, tiny (I swear!) portion of my most recent paycheque  in the Body Shop last week. I wanted to check the wear on it, so pre-work selfies it was. Plus, let’s all agree that the eyebrows are on point, no?
  4. I made a thing. A trial run quilt for a couple of lovely pals who are currently pregs. I completely and utterly winged it (shock horror), and to my actual surprise, it turned out rather well.
  5. Planting seeds in trays – I’m sure there’s a technical name for that, but let’s not dwell. One more example of my current obsession.
  6. Champs in front of the TV because broken noses hurt and being tired is laaaaame.
  7. I’m getting….older?! The shape of my face is changing, and getting a bit saggier, but I actually quite like it! Another example of the Body Shop Fresh Nude Foundation in Yorkshire Rose. It smells really nice, and it has Aloe Vera in it, so my skin has been rather good lately! I also picked up the Fresh Nude Foundation Brush, which is seems to be a cross between a regular foundation brush and a kabuki – I like it!
  8. Getting in to work at revolting-o’clock isn’t quite so bad when you get to see a sky like this.
  9. My main man. Over half term we went out on mini-dates several evenings in a row, and it was double delicious spending time out of the house, on a school night, with him. We made a pact to get out more during the week once the weather improves!

The days are now becoming lighter, and so I am taking it upon myself to take a few more photos for this here blog, and even once coat weather has been banished, perhaps even a mini shoot! What do you think, pals? Can I do it without being totes awks? Not sure.

Hope all is well for you all out there in Blogtopia.



A Very Serious Post: All About Hair.

Because I am nothing if not slightly frivolous and extremely taciturn, I thought it was about time that I harked back to my ill-fated attempt (i.e. one post 100 years ago) at being a bewdy blogger, and update my thousands of fans on the fate of my hair.

There is something deeply frustrating about people who have naturally gorgeous hair. As the saying goes:

Some people are born with great hair, some people achieve great hair, and some people have great hair thrust upon them.

I am the middle – I have worked damn hard to have great hair over the last few years. It’s been a wild, and moderately unsuccessful ride.

The evidence:

The ‘Yes I Gave Myself A Major Restyle’ homemade pixie cut. I look rightfully concerned.

Pixie Cut - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The ‘Long and Curly Because I’m Travelling Without A Straightener’. A strong look for 2010. The curling fringe is a particular highlight. Necklace is on point, however.

Long and Curly - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The ‘All Hail The Straightener’ look of 2011 – 2013. My hair essentially fried through excessive straightener use over these years, and after a while ceased to even curl properly, so basically just looked dry and awful.

Sam Straightened - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The Redhead Phase, which I loved but sadly, could not afford to maintain. Note the dryness however, and the desperation in my eyes:

Sam Redhead - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The ‘Cut It All Off’ Look, which I actually still quite like. Only really behaved itself with 2 days of grease in it, so not, in essence, totally practical.

Autumn Hair - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The ‘Big-Ass Blonde Streak’ Look, which was another great favourite. My delightful pal L always rocks a strong haircut, of which she looks rightfully pleased.

Big Ass Blonde Streak - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

When I got back to Australia though, once again I couldn’t afford to keep up the maintenance and so went back to an all-over brunette. Plus, trying to mix curly brown hair which you also straighten with a spot of extreme bleaching does not a happy head of hair make.

After a year or so I found my blonde streak was starting to snap off a bit and everything was looking dull and feeling knotty. Time for a change!

I have been an avid home-dyer for YEARS. Seriously, my parents used to let me use Henna to dye my hair faintly in primary school. These days it’s less fun dyeing and more *cough* grey *cough* coverage *cough* dyeing, but hey ho, does the job. I do find that adding colour rather than taking away makes my hair feel in much better condition, although a bit fumigous for a few days.

In early 2014, while back in Aus, I decided to throw caution to the wind (I’m crazy like that) and abandon my much-loved side parting for a more modern centre part, and also to stop straightening my hair altogether. More specifically, to stop using a straightener on my hair.

I now blow dry my hair every time I wash it, and although it’s on a high heat setting, I do use heat protective spray and there is no comparison. My hair is so much happier, and I feel like I get a more natural result using a hair-dryer than some irons.

I have pretty constant dermatitis on my head as well, which I cannot for the life of me get to the bottom of. The only way I’ve been able to manage it is by using Nutrogena T-Gel shampoo with every wash. It’s quite a harsh shampoo, and washes out colour quickly, but that’s a price I’m willing to pay to stop the itchiness. As a result I’ve abandoned normal conditioner, and now use a conditioning masque for every wash, avoiding my scalp. I would guess that this, in combination with stopping the straightening, has caused the most improvement in my hair softness and shine.

I’m currently growing my hair out, and am looking soon to get a really blunt cut, which I have heard is quite good for naturally curly hair. I’ve had years of pretty harsh layering done, so while that grows out I’m dealing with quite bad split ends. But you win some you lose some. I’m not that precious about my hair so if I do see a split hair, I’ll chop it off with glee.

So, my current look? Something along these lines:

Sam Hair 2015 - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Still a bit curly after a day or so, still with flyaways, but generally in pretty good nick.

What a journey. I hope it’s been as cathartic as you as it has been for me.