About Sam

Hi there!

My name is Sam and I’m a teacher, arts producer and life enthusiast – I also do a spot of sewing on the side.

This here blog is my love, my curse, my life’s journal. I’ve tried to give the blogging game up, God know’s I’ve tried. I’ve just got so much to talk about.

I’m an expat Aussie who got married to a rather wonderful English chap in August 2015. Activate newlywed bliss!

You’ve been warned


  • Douglas Brode

    Hello – is this the same Sam who wrote an article about hegemony in Disney’s Aladdin? If so, please contact me – Dr. Douglas Brode 210 265 3353 – dougbrode@msn.com – I’m currently editing a volume of essays on Disney films to be tentatively titled THE DISNEY DIALOGUES and would very much like to include this (the book is for Scarecrow Press) – thank you. d

    • Sam

      Hi Douglas, unfortunately that’s not me! Sounds fantastic though, and I wish you luck with your publication.

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