In Which I Am Extremely Tired

Time to take care - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Rather foolishly, I spent 3 out of the 4 weekends in November away from home. First a lovely jaunt up to Suffolk for Bonfire Night with Mr Hello’s family, then to our dear friends’ home in Ely, and last weekend for a girl’s trip to all the London Christmas shops.

It has been totally great, but needless to say, this last week I’ve been flipping exhausted. On Sunday evening this week, I had quite a bad episode of anxiety, which freaked me out enough to realise that it’s high time I started to take better care of myself.

I’ve got some extra weight to lose, terrible back pain to see to and sleep to catch up on. In my new job I essentially work 6 days a week, and it’s a pace I literally will be unable to keep up for long if I don’t make some serious changes soon.

Christmas is on its way, and over the two weeks break I get, I’m going to do my best to make a start on a healthy Sam in 2016.

I guess if I don’t do it, no one else will!


On Not Being the Most Productive Person in the World.

HSGS at Thetford Forest

Now that the dust has well and truly settled on the wedding, I’ve settled into a semi-pleasing routine of work, rest and just the tiniest amount of play.

Shortly after returning from honeymoon, I started a new job in a primary school. Some of you will remember that I actually trained as a secondary drama teacher, so taking on one class for 100% of lessons took a little getting used to. I am incredibly lucky however, having lots of support among my colleagues and a class that are so cute I could squeeze all the air out of them.

The thing about teaching though, is that it is relentless. My first term passed in a blur and now that Term 2 has arrived I’ve realised that the key to keeping sane during term time is definitely routine, routine, routine. I like to think that I thrive in spontaneity, but pals, it just ain’t the truth. Mr Hello actually has to tell me the whole plot of movies with any form of suspense, and I think I’ve got a similar approach to life – tell me what to expect, and we’ll be juuuust fiiiiiine.

Here’s the rub: on my walk home one day this week, it struck me that since leaving for Australia over a year ago, I’ve done approximately 0.25 things creatively. I officially cut myself some slack during wedding season, but now that it’s all over with (apart from the whole, you know, marriage part), I haven’t quite seemed to regain my doing-creative-and-entrepreneurial-things mojo. I’m not sure I like being someone who has a job and then just…goes…home? Even if home is shared with the delicious beardy one.

I thought perhaps that settling into my routine would be the key, but so far, nothing seems to have changed. I’m still just pottering about at home each evening, somehow genuinely forgetting the list of things I need to do.

Perhaps it’s teacher brain. Perhaps it’s some kind of latent post-wedding blues? I don’t think so, but can you actually be blue without really feeling it? I don’t feel sad, rather the opposite. But there is a lack of motivation at the moment, and I just can’t seem to work out why. Perhaps it will get better. But right here, right now, I not producing anything and especially not the answers to this little conundrum.

Our Wedding Film

Because I couldn’t stop myself from reading wedding blogs for about two years before my own engagement I mean wedding, I was well aware of a recommendation so many brides gave – get your wedding filmed.

It was always a difficult choice – videography often costs the same, if not more than wedding photography, which although is excellent value, can cost eye-watering amounts of money.

Throughout all of our wedding budget discussions however, this little thought was at the back of my mind, and I made the commitment to myself that if there was a way we could stretch to it, I would hire a videographer.

This is where Dreemreel came in. Mark pulled together a great promotional video for The Cabaret Club a couple of years ago, and so he immediately came to mind when I decided to bite the bullet and get some quotes together.

Happily he was available, and his quote was incredibly affordable, so we locked it in! A couple of weeks before the wedding I sent him a couple of links to other films we liked and we were ready to rock and roll. Such an easy process.

I couldn’t be happier with the result. I know I’ve said this quite a lot over these wedding roundup posts but it is true, and I guess it’s a positive thing to be happy with the way things went! What I love about the film is that he’s captured the highlights of the day, and really brought them to life. This is something Mr H and I will be able to look back on, and treasure, for all our years to come.

I hope you enjoy!


A Note on the Flowers: My Penultimate Wedding Round-up


We had fully intended to head up to the Chelsea flower market a couple of days before the wedding to go and choose our flowers. For a combination of reasons, we needed to hire a car to get up there. But could we find an available car to hire? No. None were available within a 30 mile radius of Rochester it seemed.

I tried to remain calm, and think about what we could do about the flowers. On Thursday morning Mr H and I set off to find what looked to be a flower wholesaler in Medway. We drove there (bearing in mind Mr H was a very nervous driver at this point) only to find it had closed down. Definitely did not get any brownie points for that, Sam.

We then decided to try Dobbies, a nearby garden centre. I had heard good things and they seemed as though they might be the kind of place that sold nice cut flowers. At this stage, I had £ signs over my eyes because I was sure that we’d left it so late that our only option would be something ridiculously expensive. I wasn’t that fussed about flowers to be honest (but full credit to the wonderful florists out there!), but the thought of having nothing in my hands as I walked down the aisle seemed a little odd.


So we drove around the corner to Dobbies. It was 8:30 am at this point. Closed. Opening at 9:30 am. Typical. Next door was Tesco, so Mr Hello and I went in to grab a sandwich for breakfast. The deli aisles happened to be next to the cut flower section. I am sure you can guess what happened next.

Genuinely, Tesco had a fantastic range of flowers. I bought a couple of pre-made bouquets with white roses and lilies, some pinky flowers, some gypsophila, and a couple of bunches of pink and dark red roses. I was going for burgundy and green colours. I needed enough for 4 bridesmaids bouquets and one HUGE bouquet for me. Seriously, I wanted my arms to hurt because it was so heavy. I wanted a big’un.


In the end, the bride’s bouquet was from Tesco. All 5 bouquets, plus 10 buttonholes came to a total of £70, which is a bargain if ever I’ve seen one. T, N and I spent Thursday afternoon stripping thorns and leaves and pulling the bouquets together – that day has some of my favourite memories of the wedding week actually. We referred to the A Practical Wedding bouquet tutorial a great deal, seriously, that website is the best thing that ever happened to weddings.

We nabbed some forest green quilting cotton from my fabric stash, and after tying the flowers together with florist’s tape (actually left over from my sister-in-law’s wedding! Recycling for the win!) we secured the bridesmaid’s bouquets with that, and mine with a length of burgundy satin. I pinned in a crucifix from my late paternal grandfather, which was my ‘something borrowed’. I could not have been happier with the result!

As T, my personal florist stated – “It’s about a personal relationship with each stem”. And so it is my friends, so it is.