The Honeymoon: The Apartment & Our First Meal

I wanted to write down my memories of the last ten days as soon as possible after returning, to share here on the blog. When I first started travelling I was a dedicated journal keeper, which means I have some great memories squirrelled away in my book cases! Many of them I have forgotten, so having an analogue version to read from time to time is a real treat.

When we first began thinking of our honeymoon, we were almost immediately sure that we wanted to leave shortly after the wedding. I wanted to preserve the ‘wedding bubble’ for as long as possible, and an immediate honeymoon seemed just the ticket.

Mr H had dreams of Greek beaches, or to be honest any beaches! He was happy with anything that wasn’t a city break. I think he’s forgotten that he said that, because we ended up going for a city break after all, and he was as happy as Larry!

Kissing in Warsaw Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Warsaw 6 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaWe rented an apartment through AirBnB right in the Old Town in Warsaw. It was a studio, with a basic kitchen (although the only sink was in the bathroom – odd). It was really everything we needed, and was literally on the doorstep of the most beautiful part of the Polish capital city.

We arrived late on Monday afternoon, and caught a taxi from the airport’s official taxi rank (don’t go for the slightly sweaty men that approach you in the Arrivals terminal), we found our little love nest on Ulica Piwna. A beer and some food were in order, so we wandered out to the the bustling square, and braced ourselves to be brave and go to a restaurant.

A word here regarding our choices of restaurants – Warsaw Old Town is very touristy, and I daresay that the vast majority of the restaurants we went to were as well. This bothered us approximately 0%, because we always had excellent service, and they were very happy to speak English. Mr H and I both have the guilts about travelling and not speaking another language fluently, so we do tend to have to screw up our courage to venture out. I say, do what makes you happy. Don’t beat yourself up about not finding a tiny little restaurant where the locals eat – too stressful!

Warsaw 1 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

We settled on Restaurant Bazylisek – it takes up nearly one whole side of the square, and was both very busy and very spacious.

Warsaw 2 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaOften at the start of a meal in Warsaw, we’d be given break, cream cheese that was often flavoured with dill, and some kind of meat pâte. Sometimes it was just lard, though, which I cannot in good faith claim to be a fan of. This was a kind of minced pork.

Warsaw 3 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

Warsaw 4 Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

We had a litre each (sue me, it was my honeymoon!) of Pilsner Urquell, a pilsner I am a fan of back home. These were about 18 złoty each, which is about £3.60. Occasionally they would be half price on special, so it was £1.80 for a litre of beer! Winning…

Warsaw 5 Hello Sam Goodbye SamanthaMr Hello made his way through a huge plate of sauerkraut and chicken livers (not remotely my thing) and I had schnitzel, sauerkraut and fries. Nothing groundbreaking, although Mr H was in bliss, as livers are among his favourite foods. Not for me, thanks…

For the rest of the evening we wandered around the Old Town, before heading back to the apartment with some beers from the Deli, snuggling up and reminiscing about the wonderful day that was our wedding!

More to come, so stay tuned!


And I’m Back in the Room

You may have noticed it’s been….silent….around these parts for a couple of weeks.

I also had this little thing called a WEDDING to finish planning, and before I knew it, family in the shape of my sister, my Dad and my best friend N arrived – and the WEDDING chaos had started. More and more family piled in over the next week, which to someone who lives so very far away, was total bliss. I’ve never been so well fed and boozed in my life!

Over the next few weeks, I want to do a few posts about the wedding, how I felt about it all and how it feels to be MARRIED NOW, as well as the requisite outfit rundowns, but for the time being, here’s a little sneak peek of the day itself.

It was pretty great.

Wedding Procession Rochester - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha


We walked down Rochester High Street with our guests all the way to our reception venue. It was a real highlight, as you may be able to tell from the looks on our faces.

PS – How rad does my Mum look?

PPS – the lovely Rosalyn of Dream Days Blog got married a week before we did, so if you’re up for some hardcore wedding reflection, check her blog out too!