Six Nice Things

My wedding is getting closer and closer and instead of freaking out, I’ve decided to enjoy myself. These are some nice things that have happened to me this week:

My New Bag - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha My New Books - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Beach Hut in Whitstable - Friday in Whitstable - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Friday in Whitstable - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha My New Sewing Machine - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Sam Quilt Feet at Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

  1. A new leather bag, from Sainsbury’s no less! Gen-yoo-ine leather too! Note the scrabble keyring, it’s pretty nifty.
  2. I’ve been on a bit of a Virginia Woolf binge since seeing Woolf Works at the Royal Opera House. Mind. Blowing. I’ve got here a biography of the lady (how divine is that portrait!), Mrs Dalloway and some further short stories. Bliss.
  3. Beach huts are just absolutely gorgeous. This one made me smile.
  4. Sunshine on the Whitstable beach today, before the weather did that singularly English thing of turning freezing cold and then pissing it down. Ah, Britain.
  5. My new love of life. A friend was selling her wonderful computerised machine for a great price and so I snapped it up. It’s a beaut.
  6. Piecing out my wedding quilt. I am not a meticulous person in the strict sense of the word, so it’s coming out slightly wobbly, but hey, it gives it a certain charm, non?

What’s been making your heart sing recently?


Sam on a Step - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantah

Some splendid things have happened to me.

Firstly, my sister came to visit when I was in Perth last year, and after she left, I found this gorgeous Bernie Dexter Dress left in my wardrobe. I’d made several jokes about how it happened to be a perfect Christmas present for her favourite and only sister, but I don’t know whether she agreed and left it on purpose, or forgot and then relented when I claimed it as my own. Either way, it’s now in the UK, so…mine?

Secondly, last night I went out to celebrate the pending nuptials of a dear friend (one week to go L!). We had food, wine, the odd martini, and a spot of dancing. I had a wonderful time, and I confess to a teeny tiny headache this morning!

Mr H and I woke up ridiculously early this morning, then went into town to get some new glasses (spectacle not wine) for me. He’s out tonight and I am at home indulging my hangover by spending the evening on the sofa watching period dramas and drinking cups of tea.

Rather splendid indeed, no?

When You Feel Anxious But You’re Not an Anxious Person

BREATHE Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

The shocking thing about anxiety is the strength with which one believes to be the only person in the world who could be foolish enough to feel this way. I’m coming out the other side of five weeks filled with a new job, renovations, illness, stress and teenagers. So many teenagers.

There have been evenings where I’ve come home from work and cried on the sofa. There have been days where my students have emailed me to tell me how much they are enjoying my lessons. It seems some clouds do have a semi-precious metal lining. I’ve been a ***bit up and down.

Three am is not a time I am happy to see as a rule, but who am I to decide what time a wave of anxiety should hit? Interrupted sleep is a total pig.

In times of stress, where you kind of feel the most stressful thing is that you don’t think you’re coping with stress very well at all, it’s helpful, nay necessary to have a few mantras under your belt. Here are some that have been playing on repeat recently:

Breathe in, breathe out.

It’s not perfect, but it will do. <——THIS

I won’t always feel the same way I do now.

I’m not the only person who feels like this.

There’s a bottle of wine in the fridge. 

Ah yes, the blessed mantra.

I’m happy to report that I am now feeling *almost* back to my most resilient self. I’ve gotten used to my commute, I know most of my students names and occasionally, I feel like I might not be too bad at this whole career malarky!

How have you guys dealt with stress in the past?


***a lot