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Sometimes, in this age of pretty blogs and carefully styled Instagram shots, it’s difficult to admit that life doesn’t always look like a magazine. Rationally I have no problem admitting this, but when faced with gorgeous lifestyle blog after gorgeous lifestyle blog, my irrational brain takes over and I feel the yearn of envy grow.

Take a look at this photo. This is my back yard, and it’s a total mess. We killed off the lawn last year to start over again, but we haven’t yet got around to it. We just cut down a tree (sorry tree!) that was growing in the fence line and there a branches everywhere. It’s not the sort of garden you usually see on a ‘lifestyle’ blog. It’s not really even the kind of garden I want to invite my friends over to!

But it will be, and we’re working hard to get it that way. Because having friends over for a barbecue in my backyard is about as Australian as it’s going to get over here!

What you can’t see in this photo is that I am so incredibly lucky to live here. The house belongs to Mr H, and you may not know that I moved in here as a lodger. I fell in love with this old house the moment I walked in. Mr H has incredible style, and from the renovations he’d already accomplished solo I could see that this was somewhere I’d be very happy living. It’s funny to think back to how much that would become true, and how little I realised it at the time.

Over the next few months we’re pushing forward with some renovations to get the house Instagram-ready by the wedding. It’s not really about Instagram, truth be told, but we do want to make a good impression. The married among you will nod your head in agreement with this one, but there is nothing quite like a wedding to make you want to get  all of the things in order.

It’s exciting. I’m planning to share some of the journey with y’all here on the blog too! Stay tuned if house reno is your jam. Have you ever felt the need to TCB before a big event?

  • Lisa

    Ooo, this gets me all excited! I LOVE a good project and am also in pre-wedding ‘getting stuff done in the house’ mode. Looking forward to seeing the pictures as the garden develops! 🙂

    • hellosam

      I think we may well pinch your idea and have a garden makeover party Lisa! We’re also doing some internal work so I spend one day working, and then about three days cleaning up the mess :-/