This Week I Was Grateful For #5

Postes Calais Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha


When I meet new people, I am often asked the same question within the first ten minutes of conversation: Why would you choose Kent over Australia?

I try not to sigh too loudly when asked this, but they sometimes escape. Not because I’m tired of being asked, but because I can’t believe that the people of Kent don’t realise how wonderful a place to live this fine county is.

Last weekend I went to Calais with my wonderful fiancé. We went there and back in a day (a long day, I admit), but it was such a treat, and such a wonderful punctuation mark in our otherwise delightfully (and newly) calm lives. I took the photo of the post box above on the streets of Calais, because I thought it was beautiful.

All week I’ve thought how lucky I am to be able to make a trip like this, in less time than it takes to drive from one end of Western Australia to the other.

And that, my friends, is why I chose Kent.


How do you feel about where you live?