This Week I Was Grateful For #3

Sam in Rochester - Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this photo over the weekend. I asked Mr H to take a quick snap of me outside Restoration House, the most amazing Elizabethan Mansion sitting smack bang in the middle of Rochester.

I don’t always love photos of myself (let’s face it, who does?) but I love this photo. He’s captured me in a joyful moment, with the gratitude I feel about being back in England, in the middle of winter, wandering around with a ruddy marvellous chap, just radiating out of my face.

Did I tell you that I’m just so happy to be back?

Wedding Planning: The Shoes

I am aware that this post is terribly superficial, but for once (well….more than once but WHO’S COUNTING) I remain unapologetic.

You see, since my return to the UK, wedding planning has ramped up a notch or two, because we suddenly realised we had 150 people to feed and drink in just under six months time (check out my new countdown to the right), so we thought we better actually make sure that there’s something for them to do when they arrive.

Obviously the first point of action to address was my wedding shoes. I give you:

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding Shoes 2

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding Shoes 4

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding Shoes 3

Hello Sam Goodbye Samantha Wedding Shoes

Okay, first things first, they never tell you at Blogging School* that it’s really hard to take pictures of your own feet that don’t look tremendously weird. Secondly, please disregard all the visible cat hair. Third of all, how great are these shoes? I adore them.

I’m not what you would usually call a ‘glittery’ kind of a gal, although I have my moments. I had my heart originally set on these pair of Rachel Simpson Blush Suede shoes, but when walking through Debenham’s last week, my eyes spotted these new beauties. At £26 they were over £150 cheaper than the Rachel Simpson ones. I’m not a millionaire but I’m also not opposed to spending money for good quality. I really had to convince myself to buy this cheaper pair! It’s totally absurd.

You may agree that I’ve fallen down the wedding industry hole, you know, the one that tells you that your wedding is the best day of your life and that you can totally justify spending three times as much on something because it’s for your ‘wedding’. The thing is, I want to be as generous as I can at my wedding, both in spirit and materially, for myself and my guests. I very much doubt Mr H and I will ever throw as big a party ever again. I want it to be amazing. But I also don’t want to bankrupt myself, and more to the point I don’t want to lose sight of my own personal values – the ones I use to independently judge the worth of something, rather than just swallowing the copy of wedding blogs that tell me that more somehow always means more.

In summary: I bought some new shoes to wear at my wedding. They were cheap and I LOVE THEM.

* Who am I kidding, I certainly did not go to Blogging School. Perhaps I should?