When in Gnome

You gotta make like the Gnomans…
A recent jaunt down to my hometown (otherwise known the the BF’s household as “out bush”) led to a surprise stop over at Gnomesville, home to over 3,000 garden gnomes.
I guess the most remarkable thing about Gnomesville is not the sheer number of Gnomes that have taken up residence there, but that it seems to be the best kind of joke – one that has been running for years and years! An unspoken agreement with strangers that this is a hilarious thing to do, and to all play along. I wholeheartedly approve.
Some friends of ours went recently and gave firm instructions to play the Not Gnome game, where you have to point out the naughty un-gnomes that have migrated there, y’know, just because it’s cooler to live in Gnomesville. You will be happy to hear that I skipped about playing the Not Gnome game with gay abandon.

Roundup: Projects for Twenny Thirteen…

Part of me doesn’t even want to acknowledge that 2013 is just around the corner. It will be the year that I turn 25 – and we all know that means imminent existential quarter life crisis.

The other part can’t wait – new year, new you! I’ve decided that this will be the year I make things happen. Things that challenge me, excite me and make me happy. Things that take me back to the enthusiastic person that I know still occassionally lurks somewhere within the empty wretch 2012 has finished with.

So in light of the newly rediscovered joie de vivre, here is a sample of projects I’m hoping to undertake in twenny thirteen:
Make an AMAZING Quilt:

I think a simple pattern with some amazing fabric is in order. I’m torn between two loves: some 60’s inspired Scandinavian print, which would have been amazing in our old apartment, or something a little more traditional which would suit the new place better. It’s hard to tell. Part of me says “let it go Sam” and is longing to slap myself in the face – I’m still clinging to the bliss of our last place a teensy bit.

Image courtesy of the Purl Bee – original post here

But apart from that – yay! I’m going to make a QUILT. IT’S GOING TO BE GREAT GUYS!

Do Something Amazing at Fuse Festival
Fuse Medway Festival -
Fuse Medway Festival is a local arts festival running over a weekend in Summer. They offer one five thousand pound arts grant every year to local performers and I think it’s about time I stopped talking about art to everyone and started making it. Performance art makes me happy, and gives me a sense of satisfaction that I don’t often get from other endeavours. It’s been two and a bit years since I’ve really put myself out there in terms of performing, and so 2013 here I come! Brace yourself lads…
Host Another Rochester Vintage Society Event
Our March soiree last year was kind of delicious, and I am really longing to get back in the saddle and host something even more spectacular! We’ve now initiated a bi-monthly Vintage Literature Book Club hosted at the heavenly Little Coffee Pot Cafe on Rochester High Street (email rochestervintagesociety@gmail.com for more info!), but I think it’s well and truly time for another fabulous, exceptionally well dressed knees up.
Be a Better Blogger
This is a two tiered goal. Number one is to be a better blogger by writing more. It’s the darndest thing with writing – of you call yourself a writer, you kind of need to write. Like all the time. I miss writing when I’m not doing it much, but I am yet to make the committment to incorporate it into my daily routine. Like eating. Imagine how great a writer I’d be if I put the same amount of energy into writing as I did into eating!! Can you write yourself into a word coma? Write so much that your brain is straining against your skull, rather than your stomach straining against your jeans? It doesn’t bear thinking about! QUELLE HORREUR.
The second tier of being a better blogger is to give out the blog love that I’d love to get. I’m a total sponge when it comes to blogs. I read a lot – every day I read what other’s have put out there, but I very rarely comment. I’m hoping to put that energy into other people’s work and to foster some better relationships with some of the truly great bloggers I feel I already know!
No doubt there will be many more things I’d like to achieve in 2013. I’m already thinking of a few, and cooking up some ideas to show you in the next few days. Hope you all had a great Christmas and look forward to more blogging in the new year!

The Crochet Project

Almost totally against his will, I decided earlier in the year that the BF’s Christmas present was going to be a crocheted blanket. I fancied getting into crochet, and thought the deadline of Christmas would spur me on to actually finish a craft project for once in my life (it hasn’t). Nevertheless, he’s getting a blanket one day, and he’s bloody well going to enjoy it.
I used a 3.5 crochet hook and wool purchased from Francis Iles
As you can see I’ve gone for a patriotic theme of checkered navy, red and white. I thought about getting creative with a more complicated pattern, but then I thought to my self  “Woah, Nelly. Calm down. Take it easy”. I didn’t want to overdo it and scare myself off. I think it looks kind of great though! Starting to take shape at least, even if it isn’t in time for Chrimbo.
The pattern is a basic single wool granny square, repeated about fifty million times. It looks more complicated than it is, I promise. I had zilch experience before embarking on the mission, and learnt in an hour via beginner crochet Youtube videos uploaded by Bethintx1. These are pretty handy little videos, even if she does tell you to pause the video a hundred thousand times to catch up. We need to look past that, people.
Now, guilty as charged, these pictures are a little old now (don’t judge me) and so I’ve progressed a little further and finished off all the skeins of wool. I’m a teensy bit proud of myself, and there aren’t a lot of things that are as satisfying as finishing a skein of wool. I did also feel ever so slightly bereft though…poor me. I’ve got to repurchase the wool again, and I think once they’re through, then I’ll sew the granny squares together and a blanket will be born!

Fly A Kite

When I really think about it, I’ve actually always been a terrible vintage throwback. I think the image above is to blame. That film, and the actual record pictured there were so much a part of my childhood that I can almost legitimately blame them for the way my life is now.
I think it says something about my childhood that I even had a vinyl Mary Poppins album. It’s well used too, so I either have parents who were Mary Poppins fanatics, or rather very kindly, and let me indulge my borderline autism by allowing me to play and play and play that record until we all wept. Fuck it, they even joined in half the time. So I guess it comes as a massive surprise to exactly no-one that I spend about forty percent of my life faffing about in seamed stockings and hunting down baby cham glasses. Sad but true.
It could be worse.
I need some bunting with that on, I think.

Fast Forward

Gotta love technology. The BF and I have now relocated to what is slowing turning into a particularly lovely basement flat on the High Street. I’d planned (sort of) for all the pain in the derriere that comes with moving, but what I hadn’t planned for is that it is apparently impossible to get a broadband engineer to hook up a new connection after October 31. Pricks, the lot of them. On top of this, it seems that every piece of expensive technology I own has either been sat on (screen ruined), thrown down the toilet or Dettol-ed to within an inch of its life and rendered, therefore, useless.

All of which is a longwinded way of saying “Sorry y’all”. I know I’ve been AWOL. Let’s take a moment to catch up on THE EXCTING THING THAT’S JUST HAPPENED.

You may be able to guess by the close proximity of my fellow passenger, and by the hint of hideous maroon behind me, that the BF and I are on a plane. One of those international ones too. Faaaancy.

Everytime we fly, he gets that terrified and yet excited look in his eye that is proportionate to the proximity of little trays of packaged food. Being fed and watching movies for 17 hours, a happy BF does make..

This is me Pa. Which means, yes folks, that thing did happen. I went home. Five glorious uninterrupted weeks of the people I love best (most of them anyway, there is one or two still lurking in the UK) and the ones that love me. Sunshine. Wine. Bathers. Beach. Sun up at 5am and down at 8pm. Why don’t I live here again?

I don’t remember Perth being so humid, or as I prefer to say, yumid. I can tell ya, it’s been a little sticky out here, but that works for me too, I just pretend I’m in Bali. As if being in Australia wasn’t luxurious enough. LOL.

We spent yesterday faffing about, walking down the main drags being all “Geez hasn’t this all changed” and also “Geez this hasn’t changed a bit”, like two faintly annoying (and yet terribly breathtakingly good looking) tourists. The best bit? Australia’s version of John Lewis, David Jones Department Store, used to do the most amazing sushi. $2.95 for a freshly made roll, and you could take your pick from fresh salmon, tuna, teriyaki chicken or salmon, or even tempura prawn. Sweet baby Jesus these were amazing. I worked at DJs for about two or three years, and those blissful years are remembered by a terrible addiction to overly expensive things, from which I’ve somewhat successfully weaned myself off, and also a sushi addiction, for which there is no cure.

Happily, the sushi bar remains. Which basically means I’m packing my things and taking up residence in DJs. I’ll sleep on one of the demo beds. It’s been done before.

Peace out lovers.