Library Visit 06-07-2011

Returned last month’s library books on the day they were due. Yeah boy, I like to live on the edge.

Here’s what I picked up for July:

I love Sarah Waters – I think she is a very evocative writer. Also I love a bit of lesbian erotica, and frankly, who doesn’t? My personal favourite is reading erotica on the bus. Especially when other people can see you’re reading erotica on the bus. Way to go!

My Mitford fix. The most recently released memoirs from the famille extraordinaire. I love how the DD of D is looking so vacantly prim on this cover.

And for a bit of DVD period drama bliss:

It’s practically local history, because Charlie baby lived in Rochester for ages. So there.

Tonight I’m going to look for some sort of Victorian literature book club or Jane Austen book club in the area, and if I can’t find one, then I’ll have to start one, wont I???

This is how I feel about the bliss ahead:

So should you