Jesus Freaks Out in the Street

There was un vintage fair trés charmant in the high street today, and here are some delights that I picked up! I’ve been contemplating sandals quite bit recently, as Summer is on her way (no matter what they try and tell you, I swear she is!) and I’ve been feeling the need to crack out some cool nail polish.

I love the colour of the leather, and not being new they have that lovely soft feeling of aged leather, so they’re really comfortable to wear. I do need another notch put in to make them slightly tighter, but it is definitely love. I might have to wear them to bed, I love them so much.

I think Jesus sandals are the way to go this Summer. Do it. Join us.

Outfit of the day…

I read a lot of blogs, and I realised that the ones I love the most are of people’s outfits. Not necessarily high fashion blogs, or even super retro blogs (although I love them too!) but mostly pictures of normal people, showing their style.

So I thought that I would have a bash at it. My ‘style’ is hard to describe. For the last few years I’ve been attempting sort of timeless French chic, and I feel that I’ve lost a little bit of the personality that I had, and that came out in the way I dressed. I love that look, and it still forms the basis for the way I dress, but I’m now trying to inject a bit more me back into the way I dress. Inspired by Billy Connolly, I want to be anti ‘beige’. I don’t want a beige life! I don’t want to look beige either.

So peeps, say hello to my first outfit post!

I bought this tunic dress today from a boutique in Rochester called Copenhagen Blue. I love the star pattern! Plus I’m crazy about navy blue at the moment.

Posing for the shirtless man on the road….seriously the weather this weekend has been insane! So sunny and gorgeous! The tunic dress is made of synthetic materials, but it’s so soft and light I can tell that it will be perfect for the summer.

So what do you think kids? Should I give up and go home? Admittedly, the posing skills could be improved beyond reason, but that’s nothing that can’t be fixed with a few solid hours on Bloglovin’.

Any Summer (or Winter, for those back home) finds for you guys?

Dress by Vero Moda, jeans M&S, flats Clarks, belt Alta Linea, glasses Donna Karan and ring stolen from my sister at least four years ado. You’re not getting it back Taz.