I Took a Break…

I did. The last fortnight has been wonderful and hard, and challenging far beyond what I had expected. In short, our plans for Wales fell through. I guess we were just too remote and hadn’t planned enough in advance. It was a tough decision to move on, but thats what we decided was best.

We’re now staying with the BF’s sister in Kent, until we find a place of our own. She’s being wonderful and lovely and unbelievably generous. I like being here, but I miss all of the things I had, and gave up, back in Perth. I had a job that paid well, a house I was both affectionate of (is that even correct grammar?) and familiar with, and a student priced Smartrider. Cheap as.

As it gets colder, I realise more how truly far away I am. I want to go home, but more than that I wish I had been outrageously successful here. I wish I had found it easier, so that I would have been more sure that I was meant to be in Europe.

I’m feeling pretty low, but I’ve literally brought this on myself (and the BF) and I want to see how we pull through. We’ve just got to.