Say Hello, Wave Goodbye.

I’ve met some wonderful people here. It’s amazing how a day can seem a week and a week can seem a lifetime. In such a short space of time, I have more wonderful friends than ever before. AND I have a room in Munich, Frankfurt, Madrid and London. Not to mention the occasional yurt in Llanidloes.

It’s such a struggle to say goodbye, though. It almost feels timeless here in rural Wales, and having little connection to the whole crazy world, and our “real” lives away from here. When one of us leaves, it makes a hole. New people come, but it’s not the same. It will get better, as the new people become less new. Then the process starts all over again, until you’re the one that’s leaving, the one that’s leaving the hole.

I hope we stay in touch. But if not, we always have that wonderful week where we were anyone we wanted to be.

My Weekend Has Been Mainly Spent #2

  • Cycling into Llanidloes
  • Utterly regretting the decision to cycle
  • Cursing my borrowed bicycle with every ounce of my being
  • Giving up dairy
  • Taking up butter and cheese (but not milk)
  • Enjoying a coffee and sharing a slice of cake with The BF at the Great Oak Café
  • Discovering the Great Oak Bookstore
  • Watching Cranford
  • Taking a mammoth walk
  • Slipping down the hill and putting my hand in the only patch of nettles to be seen.
  • Bribing Matilda the calf with milk, so she’ll let me put her halter on
  • Getting repeated headbutted by a stubborn calf
  • Reading “The Pursuit of Laughter – Essays, Articles, Reviews and Diaries of the Most Controversial Mitford Sister” by Diana Mosley
  • Having a most delightful bath
  • Feeling happy when I see the clock and it’s only 8:55pm

What did you do?

Heaven on Earth…

I’m living on a farm at the moment. In Wales. It’s pretty remote, and possibly the place I would have thought the least similar to my home town. But actually it’s not too dissimilar, and it’s giving me both warm fuzzies and a bit of a heart pang.

I had a bath this evening, and here they have a proper bath room. It has a bath in the centre of the room, a sink, and an armchair for a gently talkative companion to relax into. All around the bath are potted trees. Beside the taps is a small orange tree, and tonight I plucked some leaves and blossoms off to scent the bathwater. The ceiling is glass, and the view is spectacular. Nothing beats the sky at night in the country.

The BF came in for a kiss but then left me to my own devices. I love that he knows me, and as inseparable as we are, he still knows when to step off.

I finally got the bathwater to the ideal temperature. I do enjoy extremely hot showers, but there is nothing worse than lying in the bath sweating. It’s gross, so I upped the cold ante. I lay back and read my Diana Mitford book in the candlelight.

Half an hour later I look back and I have the thought that I’ve never had a more beautiful bath in my entire life. Possibly the most beautiful and relaxing experience of my life. I’m always out of my comfort zone, travelling, but here I was content, and my mind still. As still as it’s ever going to get. It was heavenly.