Freaks and Geeks…..

This photo was taken at the going away dinner for my delicious friend K. She’s in the red dress, and consequently the only one with an acceptable expression on her face. Our friend A is taking the photo. I like to imagine her posing as much as we are.

This photo so captures that evening. We were eating dinner at Cantina, then we preceded to play several raucous rounds of pass the parcel, the spoils/remnants of which can be seen in this photo. This also led to the restaurants untimely emptying of other patrons. Oh how much we did not care.

Friends are pretty good, hey?

Where in the World Will You Live?

House prices are pretty much cheaper EVERYWHERE in the world that is not Perth, Western Australia. I do love Perth, but there is not a lot that is going to keep me here. Not in the next 5-10 years anyway.

So I was a bit pissy about living in the most expensive and equally most boring place in the world, but I soon had a revelation. There is no financial reason to live in Perth. There are a few emotional reasons (family) but even my friends are moving away! So The BF and I now have an excuse to live wherever we want to.

So we’re going to travel the world and live in the place we love best.

What about you?

There Were 17 in the Bed….

With only 20 DAYS TO GO until The BF and I up and leave for the UK, I have been trying desperately to downsize our amount of crap furniture. I had just recently discovered my new favourite thing, which is pretty much a poor man’s ebay. You post things for sale, or wanted, or for free. It’s free to post, but there is no protection whatsoever, so you’ve got to be on the proverbial ball.

Anyway, my sister left her grotty queen bed to us when she fled the state, and I sure as hell didn’t want it, so gumtree it was!

I posted it for $20 and no photos, and I got 55 hits! I couldn’t believe it! After being used to the 7 days of agony while you wait for an auction to end on ebay, I was practically off my face in enthusiasm for the 2 day turn around on the shittiest bed ever.

There was, however, a touch of drama when the buyer came to collect. Firstly, the emails I recieved weren’t what you’d call overly polite. This sent off a few alarm bells, but after a while I convinced myself it was just a language barrier. Sometimes when people don’t have fantastic English it can come across as being a mean bastard slightly grumpy. No matter!

So a car comes at the specified time to collect the bed, and about fifteen people pile out of a station wagon. That didn’t really bother me at first, but as they started to take the mattress to the car, I wondered how in God’s name they were going to get it home.  However, I had underestimated their inventiveness. Not only did they get the queen size mattress in , by cleverly folding it in half (?) but the 15 passengers also managed to get back in the car. Absolute mystery to me.

Then there was the issue of the mattress base. This was, by no means, going to fold in half and slot neatly into the boot, and we had no rope to secure it to the roof. No Problemo! They took off with the mattress and 10 minutes later were back with THE HUGEST 4WD UTE I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! This time, it seemed as though the entire suburb of Osborne Park turned up for the parade, but in approximately negative 1 seconds, the base was on the roof, secured with rope and they were away laughing on a fast camel.

So there.