On Adventures…

28 days until I leave my home for I don’t know how long.

It feels super weird to be finally going, and it’s not until now, when I have limited time left in this town, this city, this continent, that I feel like grabbing every opportunity that was given to me.

New friends. Old friends. They’ve all been there this whole time and I’ve disregarded them until now, when I can’t really have them any more.

OOer I am a fickle mistress. Always wanting what I can’t be having. No preciousses for moi.

I am bloody excited though!!

Oh Balls.

I was going to think up some hilariously witty backstory to what I am about to tell you. But then I realised it was pretty much funny enough on it’s own.

The BF spontaneously corked himself in the nuts last night.

One would think that menfolk would have a supreme radar that prevented any harm befalling that area. Apparently the radar does not pick up friendly fire, so to speak.

It reminds me of a story my Dad told me. He was a semi-well known rock star in Perth in the 70’s, and while on tour in Darwin, after an heroic show in a club somewhere, he and his band mate took to the dance floor with enthusiasm. Dad began dancing in the 70’s style, and whilst swinging his arms in a groovy fashion, reigned hell unto himself by unintentionally punching himself in the nuts.

Shit. This story still makes me laugh uncontrollably.

Needless to say, his vanity was extremely wounded as he crawled from the dance floor. So glad I inherited the ladygarden rather than the family jewels.

On Family…

My mum has recently moved away. So has my sister. In six weeks I am moving to the other side of the freakin world. It’s dawned on me how far apart we will all be.

London. Perth. Sydney. Melbourne.

How did this happen?

Do the invisible links between family members stretch that far?

Once upon a time I had a pretty zany, but nonetheless normal, nuclear family. Mum, Dad, two girls and a dog. Now we’re all flying pretty much solo.

Sometimes the memory of living all together and being a kid seems so much more real than waking up next to my best friend does. It often feels like I’m watching my grown up life on DVD, and soon enough my Mum will be waking me up for school at 7am by switching my light on and off a hundred times. Now I get up all on my own BEFORE 7am.

It’s hard to believe we will never sing all together in a car ever again. That shit made road trips bearable. You can’t harmonise on your own!